Saturday, 19 June 2010

Tea on the Tops

Curbar Gap - Thursday Tea Time 

I picked up the small people from after school club, grabbed the picnic blanket, trainers, sausage rolls & flapjack. 15 minutes later we were having  tea on top of the world.

I think these were the finest cherries ever eaten, sat munching and looking at the stunning views.

Small people clambered & explored.

Checked out some ye olde worlde graffitti

& chatted to G - In Holland
"Dad guess where we are?"

We waved at Grandma & Grandpa - who didn't wave back...
(G&G's house is bang in the middle of the picture)

It was good - to be spontaneous, to enjoy what is on our doorstep. To sit back & watch them being children, to share in their delight.

I went home with two tired, but very happy smalls, excited by their adventure. Helped along by popping into G&G house on the way home, & my mum bathing them, ready for bed.

I've not blogged for a while, for personal reasons - So thankyou for standing by me & to those who checked up on me, hugs. Also "Hello & Welcome!" to those of you who have so kindly joined me in the past few weeks. I will get round to catching up with people as soon as I can. 

I'll be back soon. I need to boast about winning a giveaway (yes! me! - soo never usually happens), & Taz has chucked me a challange (pants! - will have to use some brain power)

I also have a project that we have started over here, both myself and the smallest one are beside ourselves with excitment. Poor G is nearly a broken man....

Love Lydia xx