Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Flowers, Coffee & Clutter Bunnies.

I have decided that I really neeeed to get the house in control, so with G in America for 2 weeks, I have commenced on a huuuge life laundry session. I like things to have a home, I admit I am the IKEA ad man's dream shopper.

Tidiness = Organised = Control - Or at least I am hoping this theory (Theory N.1) works.

Cupboard's have been emptied & there is clutter everywhere (Theory N.2 - sometimes you have to make a mess to get tidy).

I am wrestling with those clutter bunnies like there is no tomorrow.

I've been ruthless & bagged for the recycling centre, charity shops & clothes collections.

Coursework has been put in the paper bank - although I have kept my dissertation as homage to the feeling that I had given birth to it (yes, it was that bad!)

It's going to take a few more weeks to get the house presentable, but with the evenings drawing in, I hope I will be more disciplined.

In the meantime rather than show you my shame, and blog a picture of the spare room - the main culprit in the war against the clutter bunnies - I thought I'd show you Friday's flowers, Asters.

And a pop in a blatant plug....

For Macmillan Cancer Support's Worlds' Biggest Coffee Morning on Friday.

So you don't think I'm plugging for my wages, I should let you know, that whilst I carry the Macmillan title, and am associated with the organisation, I am actually paid by the hospice I work for. Macmillan support me in my job through education & training. However Macmillan isn't just about nurses.....

They are about people, families, carers, living well with cancer.

I never realised just how much this organisation does, until I moved from my old job, into this new post. It has a huge voice (for a charity) in the politcal setting .

But for me, the biggest help in my day to day work, is with finances. From providing of Macmillan benefit advisers (these people really know how to ensure that people get the financial help they are entitled to), to providing one off grants that can allow a family holiday, buy new clothes for someone who has lost a lot of weight, or help break the debt cycle.

So if on Friday, you get the chance of a cup of coffee, please do support. It all helps to make a difference.

Love Lydia xx

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Organisation - A Dirty Word

This September I vowed that I would be a truly organised mummy.

No more phone calls from G asking if I'd remembered it was Harvest Festival, after he'd dropped Little Miss off at school (er, no - because, if I had, then I would have sent in the food goodies). No more handing in trip money at the 11th hour, or forgetting the PE bag....

No, this year I will be soooo in control.

Monday September 7th. Little Misses Red Primary School uniform was laid out ready for her first day. Lunch box & PE bag all organised.

8yr old planning his day at Grandma's - due to his inset day.

Me all content and in control.

G looks out of the window & comments about the neighbours daughter looking all smart in her uniform. I sneak a peak. She looks delightful in her Navy Junior School uniform

Slowly the penny drops.

My heart stops.

I have got the wrong child ready for school.

He has 10 minutes to be at school. No PE Bag ready, no lunch box, & no breakfast (he was on a promise of breakfast at Grandma's).

There were tears - him because he really doesn't like school at the moment, her because she does.

There was stress - me.

There was a quite husband - very wise move.

We managed it though, the 8 year old, by some miracle arrived at school, on time, fed, but no PE bag. The 5 year unceremoniously dumped at Grandma's (I was truly late for work by this time).

I arrived at work & explained and explained why I was late. Did I get sympathy? Lord no! My fellow Mac's were in stitches laughing at me, as much as I was laughing at myself for being such a noodle.

Whilst I wouldn't want to repeat the episode again, my 'organisation' has brought laughter to my patients, when we share our day to day stories, allowing humour to connect us.

Oh Well - Off to try & get organised (Again)

Love Lydia xx

ps - It cost me a Transformer though....