Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Flowers, Coffee & Clutter Bunnies.

I have decided that I really neeeed to get the house in control, so with G in America for 2 weeks, I have commenced on a huuuge life laundry session. I like things to have a home, I admit I am the IKEA ad man's dream shopper.

Tidiness = Organised = Control - Or at least I am hoping this theory (Theory N.1) works.

Cupboard's have been emptied & there is clutter everywhere (Theory N.2 - sometimes you have to make a mess to get tidy).

I am wrestling with those clutter bunnies like there is no tomorrow.

I've been ruthless & bagged for the recycling centre, charity shops & clothes collections.

Coursework has been put in the paper bank - although I have kept my dissertation as homage to the feeling that I had given birth to it (yes, it was that bad!)

It's going to take a few more weeks to get the house presentable, but with the evenings drawing in, I hope I will be more disciplined.

In the meantime rather than show you my shame, and blog a picture of the spare room - the main culprit in the war against the clutter bunnies - I thought I'd show you Friday's flowers, Asters.

And a pop in a blatant plug....

For Macmillan Cancer Support's Worlds' Biggest Coffee Morning on Friday.

So you don't think I'm plugging for my wages, I should let you know, that whilst I carry the Macmillan title, and am associated with the organisation, I am actually paid by the hospice I work for. Macmillan support me in my job through education & training. However Macmillan isn't just about nurses.....

They are about people, families, carers, living well with cancer.

I never realised just how much this organisation does, until I moved from my old job, into this new post. It has a huge voice (for a charity) in the politcal setting .

But for me, the biggest help in my day to day work, is with finances. From providing of Macmillan benefit advisers (these people really know how to ensure that people get the financial help they are entitled to), to providing one off grants that can allow a family holiday, buy new clothes for someone who has lost a lot of weight, or help break the debt cycle.

So if on Friday, you get the chance of a cup of coffee, please do support. It all helps to make a difference.

Love Lydia xx


  1. Great post, I've been wrestling with the clutter in this house for a while but mine is over buying hobby clutter, wool and fabric being a big part of it.
    I'll be looking in the local paper to see if any coffe mornings are happening this week. I did one last year just a few friends but every little helps.
    Good luck with the decluttering.
    Joanne x

  2. Pretty flowers - I can't get any Asters for love or money round here - don't ask me why??
    My husand's mum has breast cancer so I am in full support of everything the Macmillan nurses and supporters do.

  3. loving your theories - theory 2 i am good at - i make a mess but then end up shoving it all back where it came from which isnt the idea really !!
    we are having a coffee morning at school its such a good cause and we usually have a good crowd turn out :-)

  4. Hi l think you do a grand job at home and at work, you are a special lady big hugs Pat

  5. Hi Lydia, I too am a clutter bunny. Ive just had a massive clear out, got fairly tidy looking, then my mum has had to start de cluttering as she is being "modernised". Mum has serious (border line mental!!) issues with throwing anything out - subsequently, I have had to bring it all here in the first instance.!!!!
    One of my neighbours usually holds a coffee morning and I am in full support of the excellent work that you do. xxxxxx

  6. How's the decluttering going? It's such a good feeling when things are organised and sorted, my head feels clearer and I am far more sorted myself when I've had a big clear out of junk!
    I've just checked the website and found that one of my local libraries is holding a coffee morning so I'll make sure I pop along there, thanks for the reminder.
    Take care
    Lisa x

  7. Hate Decluttering but LOVE the feeling at the end of it!! I'm off to a coffee morning at my sons new school on Friday morning!! VERY VERY Worthwhile in my eyes x( might even do some baking for it!!)
    Have a great week and hope you get to enjoy that decluttered feeling again very soon x
    Annie x

  8. Quick!! Rosie at Corners of my mind " has been to Bakewell!! - I thought of you immediately!!xxxxx

  9. Hi, I hope the decluttering went well! If I email you my address you are more than welcome to make a start here! I will supply cake!

    Love Lou xxx

  10. Tail chasing is just the phrase I was using the other day! Hope yours is proving to be productive along with the decluttering.
    Went to a coffee morning on Friday, wow that was eventful. Sat next to a man who made racist remarks so had a polite word with him and then left, after my tea and cake!
    Lisa x

  11. Thanks for dropping by my blog recently. Good luck on the de-clutter - I love a good sort out, very thereapeutic! Macmillan Cancer Support is very close to my heart so I applaud you on your work with them. :-)

  12. Hello. I have just come across your blog and absolutely love it. I have only recently started blogging as will soon be going back to work and am wondering how I am going to keep the lovely crafty/homey stuff in my life when that time comes. My blog is http://sunshineandroses-rockinloubylou.blogspot.com/ if you would like to read of my struggles!

  13. You probably have forgotton by now that you asked me this but I'm just (finally) getting back to you re: Bakewell Craft Fayres (Brigade Hall). i was going to add a couple more dates as it runs every weekend but have so far just confirmed these two:
    Wed 28th Oct (during half term) and Sat 14th Nov
    If you are in the vicinity do stop and say 'Hi. i'm not sure how many people attend so you may be my only stall visitor!!!

  14. Hi hon, I don't believe for one minute your house looks like my picture lol hope things are good with you

  15. wow, lots to get thru!

    Thank goodnees for lovely ladies like yourself who do such great work for M.Cancer care....a worthy cause....xx

  16. Hope the de cluttering went well, could do with some here too.

    Well yes my dear, what fine taste you do have ;) though did you know the said watch is promoted as being a wonderful gift for little girls, little girls I say, well I kept that quiet didn't I, though seems there are a couple of little girl bloggers who like that watch too :)

    Hugs, for you and the fabulous work that you do too :)


  17. I don't set a very good example by my actions do I?!
    Half term whizzed by so quickly and not only will my 2 be returning to school on Monday, but Tuesday sees me returning to work too. Maybe that's why I've been awake since 2am!
    Hope all is good with you.
    Lisa x

  18. Just popping in to say hi and hope you're OK. I hope you're not trapped under the clutter!!!

    Mel xxx

  19. Hello there

    Your post has given me a good old poke in the ribs and reminded me of the mountainous pile that is growing ever larger behind the rocking chair to be dealt with. For weeks Ive been promising myself to charity bag things, to ebay and to chuck...your post has inspired me at last!! Hurrah!!

    Julia xxx