Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Love :: Friendship :: Love

Love :: For the man who took me away to the City I Love

Freindship :: Being joined by our mutual freinds

Love :: My Favourite Department Store

Love :: Big bunches of my favourite flowers, that wouldn't survive the plane home.

Love :: For the man who carried a Bag of Bulbs home                                      

Love:: In the moment - My son, who loves his bed, I-touch & Harry Potter books,
& who at 10, still loves Eyeore beyond measure (tucked under his arm)

::Friendship - Half term sticking with best friend

Friendship :: Thankyou cards for having another little friend to play

Friendship:: The colleague who cared enough to bring me flowers 

:: Freindship - Because she recognised that I am struggling with work at the moment

Freindship:: When an unexpected gift arrives from a blog freind

Love :: Made with Love

Love :: Our new arrival - before he left sunny California for damp Derbyshire. 

:: Love & Freindship - Looking towards days full of Love & Freindship::