Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Back to life, back to reality.

Return to normal life has come at full throttle and it seems like months, not almost two weeks since we returned from our Easter jaunt down to Cornwall.

Work is hard, as I get closer to leaving, there is an immense pressure to tie up all the loose ends, and I have been working over long hours again. Its also sad saying goodbye to some of the regular patients I've treated over the years. But only 5 more shifts to go & woo-hoo, I'm off!! (this being typed with a nervous squeak!)

Back to more interesting things... Cornwall.

We were blessed with beautiful weather, even managing to get sun burnt on the first day (yes, I've been flashing my mid arm tan line to all & sundry at work...)

We spent most of the week on the beach, at Porthcothan & Caerhays, relaxing, letting the children potter & explore, me grabbing the opportunity to sit quietly reading.

And lots of picnics...

I love quiet beaches, with not too much activity, & Porthcothan is my favourite, its a clean beach, with a small tea shop, and very nice toilets....

The 8 year old got to practice some body boarding moves, and reminded us of what a water baby he still is....

Little Lady preferred to just get her toes wet....

On the two less sunny days, we took trips out to Lanhydrock - a National Trust house (& gardens) which was fantastic, and I hope we will return again this summer. The house has been maintained in its Victorian splendour, and is so spotless you would think the family still live there. Not a fusty smell or cobweb in sight. The children each had an activity to complete on their way round, which kept them out of mischief....

And we had a 2nd visit to the Telegraph Museum at Porthcurno, well worth a visit if ever near Lands End. Its full of child friendly activities, whilst being informative for the adults. You can climb up the escape steps from the bunkers where they housed the all the communication equipment in WW2; learn about the development of communications & build your very own satellite....

I also got a couple of hours to shop in Fowey - my favourite spending haunt in Cornwall, so many lovely things... But more of those in another post!!

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter & half term....

Love Lydia xx

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Bitten Off More than I can Chew

Just a quick post to admit that this week I have bitten off more than I could chew.

The kitchen units are all in, but work did not finish until Friday afternoon, just before it was time to get the small persons from school. I cannot begin to explain the dust & ensuing chaos it has all created - or the distress of not been able to get to the washing machine all week.

Work has been busy& a bit stressy, of all the weeks I didn't need to go over my hours, I did.

I think the children still remember who I am.

We are off to Cornwall today (leaving very late for such a long drive) . Its been a frantic packing session till the early hours of this morning & I am grumpy & tired.

I am ready for the cottage,the sea air, and the magic, that is Cornwall.

& when I get back - I can put everything back in my spanky new kitchen cupboards - just don't mention the unfinished floor, window sill, & tiling that still needs to be done - and if any one has seen a cooker hood, its mine....

Lastly, If you hear of a Japanese trawler, harpooning a whale on the Cornish coast, don't worry, it'll be me - I've been eating my stress again!

Love Lydia xx