Friday, 2 April 2010

Easter Week - Part Two


Meet StEGGosouras - The 9 year old had an egg decorating competition at school this week...

And little miss had oodles of fun decorating her Easter Bonnet - Less most definatley is not more....

I have also baked Easter Cookies with the 9 year old. It was lovely to spend the one on one time with him, so rare nowadays. He spends so much time with his dad cycling at the weekend, it feels as if it is boys together, girls together at our house. Does anyone else find this? Anyway, I digress....

Golden Syrup Cookies

100gm Margarine/Butter
75gm Soft Light Brown Sugar

2 tbs Golden Syrup

175gm SR Flour
Folded In

100gm Chocolate (I used Eggs - Crushed & I like Smartie Eggs as they keep their bright colour)

and added

Form into small sized drops

Make between 12 & 18 depending on your preffered size

Wait patiently as they bake for 8-10 minutes at 160c (fan oven)

& mmmmm....

Enough for the smalls & us girls at work....

The Easter banner was inspired by the Emma Bridgewater card that came through the post.
G kindly (after some pouting - from me) photocopied & enlarged the postcard. I then happily sat and cut out chickens & eggs, and threaded them onto ribbon.

Only trouble is G thinks that you cannot tell them apart clearly enough...

I can though, probably because I spend more time at the kitchen sink...

Love Lydia xx