Friday, 4 March 2011

:: I :: Heart :: Books ::

:: It's been World Book Day Today::

And smallest person dressed up as her favourite book character 

:: Mr Mole :: from Wind in the Willows ::

Now I have to admit, dressing up days fill me with terror - Have I got the right day? is usually the first thought, as I sneak a peak at other children on the way to school 
:: Yes, plenty of Dorothy's and Superheros ::

Then there is the panic as small one says she wants to be a mole. 
:: Not a princess - no, that would be far to easy, as we already have plenty of princess clothes ::

There is a flashback to the time I sent my 3year old to school as a Knight, the only one in a homemade costume, and his teacher kindly pointing out, that his tin foil covered wellies had shed all over the Nursery. 
:: No prizes with the teacher there then, despite the 3yr old wearing black glittery tights in leui of chain mail trousers ::

And then the reminder by the husband that small person is worried about wether her outfit would be ready.
:: As he boards a plane for 3 days away - & I am juggling work, smalls & house ::

I am a mummy who responds well to pressure though. Thankfully, rolled up big brother's trousers & waistcoat come in handy. A Blue Peter moment with the pipe cleaners, and 

:: Ta-Da! Mr Mole and a happy small one ::

:: I love books whatever day it is ::

As a child I read early, and grew up with my nose in a book. Being sent to my bedroom was bliss in a house of 6 children... Childhood memories of Enid Blytons Faraway Tree, & Wishing Chair. Reading my mum's 'What Katie Did' books. Tucking my book under the duvet, so I could read in the light summer evenings when I should have been asleep. Teachers reading, and leaving us at the end of day, wanting the next chapter....

Growing up with books full of romance & passion, thinking, hoping that life would immitate art....

Still now, I read whenever I can. There is always a pile of books at my bedside, inviting, tempting me to pick up and read... Distracting me from the house work, taking me away from the day, quietening my mind.

:: How I dislike a book that doesn't grip me, or limps to an end. Frustrating. What a waste of anticipation and excitment ::

I like a book that I learn from, or that takes me away, challanges my preconceptions. A book that makes me laugh, or one that makes me weep. A book that I can still feel days/weeks after I read it. 

I measure holiday's by the books I have managed to read

:: I am lucky to have one natural reader. She loves her books almost as much as her mum ::

The 10 year old has been far different. He struggled to read initially, with the concentration of a gnat, reading just wasn't his thing. Unless it was short factual reading. Big hits have been the annual Guiness Book of Records, or books about inventions, tractors, dinosaurs....

But a story book? No way, never, not on your nellie...

:: Until Cosmic Boy - which rocked his reading world ::

Superficially I have to admit, I liked the shiny jacket, & I really was just trying in desperation.... He picked it up, and didn't want to put it down. I had to listen to potted snippets at the dinner table. I realised he may have some of his mum in him after all. I gave thanks....

:: Then his honorary Aunty L bought him the first two Harry Potter Books ::

Now there is no stopping him, one Amazon shop later and he is on the penultimate book. He sets his alarm in the morning, so he can read for an hour before school.

There was even some serious half term PJ wearing reading. I think it has helped that he hasn't seen the films, so the books are holding his attention and his imagination is running riot...

 :: Now I am looking for the next book to feed him ::

 And G?

Well you can't have it all ways, & really his bed time reading is quite interesting, and could be worse....

Finally, I have discovered this book - It is a gem, and I think it deserves a post of its own....

:: Perhaps you will indulge me? ::

Love Lydia xx