Friday, 30 January 2009

Friday's my Day

Friday's my Day

No work......small people at school.......empty house......

So really I should be running around like a woman possessed doing the household chores, catching up on the build up created by 4 days at work.

But today I am not. Friday is my day.

I have done the basics, dishwasher on, washing machine loaded & unloaded x2, and off for a quick shop I have gone.

I met with a fab friend & had a quick mooch round a small retail outlet, stopped for tea & scones in the Thornton's Coffee Shop (yum) & had lots of cuddles with her 6 month old baby. What a lovely couple of hours, friends are invaluable.

On the way home, i stopped at the local fruit & veg shop & blew £2.60 on these.......

A quick snip & into an old frosted bath bubble jar - recycled raffia bow to complete & ta-da!

Yellow cheer to arrive quite soon & hopefully everyone will be so busy admiring the yellow cheer, that the dust won't be so noticeable........

The bright yellow tulips have ended up in a passata bottle in the lounge (sneaky housekeeping distraction number two).


I spy the new Cub sweater, awaiting its badges & when is Cubs?? - tonight at 6.

I need to go & get the little people from school in 10 minutes.

Oh well, i feel a mad stitching dash coming up - I must be more organised...!

Love from Lydia

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Here I come - dipping my toe into blog land.....

Have you seen all those fabulous homemakers blogs? So inspiring. And here I am, inspired to be a creative fabby homemaker - but whilst still working.

Wondering how i can get the balance between work & homelife....

Can i have my cake & eat it? Yes i will try (and I mean quite literally as well)

Welcome to my journey