Sunday, 17 April 2011

Twelve Goes to Cornwall

For the next week, we have left  Number Twelve and are living here in this beautiful cottage

Near St Austell

We've stayed here many times before, so it feels like home from home....

Only a lot tidier!

Today we popped into Charlestown to have a late lunch at Charlies

It's been a firm favourite since we discovered it last Easter - 
With toast almost the same size as small person

We wandered down to the harbour - past these stunning tulips

Admiring the old whitewashed fishermans cottages

Past the boats

Down to the harbour walls

 All in the most glorious sunshine - It felt like August, not April

Small person went pebble hunting 

Whilst Tall One people watched

We then drove to Portholland stopping for an ice cream from here - 

and walked from the East Harbour to the West Harbour

Where Small Person made freinds and painted Pebbles

and Tall one found Towers on the beach

Then it was back home for a sunny evening tea

Todays Treasures .....

& G proving he's still got the touch with the ladies....

I am looking forward to the rest of the week, time to unwind and have time with those I love most in the world..

It's  been a tough week leading up to this break, one thats made me want to wrap my arms around my familly & squeeze them tight. One thats made me count my blessings

Do the same to your loved ones, wherever you are, and be happy in the moment.


Monday, 11 April 2011

The Best Things in Life are Free......

:: Heart Shaped Ice Cubes in Lime Cordial in a Green Glass ::

:: Wild Daffodils on the way home from the Dentist in Grindleford ::

:: Spirea Branches - From a weekend of Gardening ::

:: A Smattering of Summer Freckles - Sun Kisses for a Seven Year Old ::

:: Discovering the Dicenta in Full Bloom after a harsh winter ::

:: Open Windows letting in a Warm but Fresh Breeze ::

:: Forget me Nots - From the Garden ::

:: Blue, Blue Sky ::

:: Musscari from the Garden - In an old school Milk Bottle ::

:: Tiny Blooms against a Ben Simmons Clock::

:: Colour ::

:: Sunlight Sparkles up the Walls & on the Ceiling - My Favourite Place for an Afternoon Rest :: 

:: Handmade Mothers Day Card from my 7 Year Old ::

:: Yes, I really do look like this! ::

This weekend, I heard Janet Jackson & Luther Vandross on the Radio
It brought back memories of past Summers & inspired this post.

Wishing you all a week of Free Best Things


Friday, 1 April 2011

31 Things for 31 Days

1. How the time has flown since my last post - 31 days ago.

2. The 10 year old has completed all 7 Harry Potter Books

3. Suprise & Delight at finding the Earagon Books for £1.99 (thankyou Louise for pointing me in the direction of them)

4. I have discovered the delights of Saturday morning shopping with Tea & Toast in a cafe with my 7 year old, and having the time to sit & listen to whatever is foremost in her mind.

5. I drove to Barnsley (3 times!) for a 3 day communication course. Okay, this is huge for me, I don't like driving to new places, especially motorway driving. I had to be Very, Very, brave....

6. I survived being videoed with an actor for a role play session during the course (inner thespian truly released).

7. We've had glorious sunshine here in Derbyshire, and oh how the first blast of spring sunshine lifts the soul!

8. First picnic tea of the Summer

9. The ice cream van starting its round again - Its been calling for 10 years & heralds summer arriving. That's 4 99's with sauce & sprinkles please...

10. Rediscovering Marmalade on toast. A forgotten pleasure.

11. Having our first barbeque of 2011 (eating indooors though)

12. Spring bulbs flowering in the Sunshine

13. Spring flowers & Shadows

14. Lemon Easter Cupcakes

15. Steaming Coffee in New Mugs (Note to self - I drink too much Coffee when tired or overwhelmed with juggling)

16. From a favourite shop

17. Realising its good to take time out to just to potter in some of my favourite places, especially after an hour of dental treatment & a very numb mouth!

18. Created Gallery's new Premises.

19. Trying not to laugh at the 7 year old as she tries to bond by discussing cars with her big brother - She likes 'Spaghetti Veyrons'.

20. Breathing a sigh of relief at Parents Evening - Phew, a teacher who gets my son. 

21. Choosing Curtain Fabric for our bus (we went for the red & blue on the left).

22. Legless Barbies

 23. Chocolate Maderia Cake - 4 pints, 2.5 hours to bake

24. Hallelujah! 

25. Red Nose Day Silly Socks - Dare I admit that I glued the pom poms on whilst my daughter was wearing insitu - with a glue gun? It wasn't till she quietly mentioned how warm it was that I realised the glue had slightly seeped through her socks. My daughter has had her first leg wax.....

26. Red Nose Day Cookies for the 10 year old.

27. Finally after over a year (seriously), taking 5 minutes to glue & fix the bed angel. One happy small person.

28. Smug smile to self at the double headed tulips from the village green grocers.

 29. And big excitment at finding Parrott Tulips in the Grocers a week later.

30. Seeing our bus being transformed from this....

31. To this....

Thinking about the adventures we hope to have in him as a family

Umm I think that was 32 things! 

Life has been busy, & sometimes its easy to forget the pleaure in the day to day ordinary things, as well as taking pleasure in the extraordinary.

Hope you have all had a good 30 days, and thankyou so very much for your lovely comments you left on my last post - I hope to get back to you all soon.