Monday, 11 April 2011

The Best Things in Life are Free......

:: Heart Shaped Ice Cubes in Lime Cordial in a Green Glass ::

:: Wild Daffodils on the way home from the Dentist in Grindleford ::

:: Spirea Branches - From a weekend of Gardening ::

:: A Smattering of Summer Freckles - Sun Kisses for a Seven Year Old ::

:: Discovering the Dicenta in Full Bloom after a harsh winter ::

:: Open Windows letting in a Warm but Fresh Breeze ::

:: Forget me Nots - From the Garden ::

:: Blue, Blue Sky ::

:: Musscari from the Garden - In an old school Milk Bottle ::

:: Tiny Blooms against a Ben Simmons Clock::

:: Colour ::

:: Sunlight Sparkles up the Walls & on the Ceiling - My Favourite Place for an Afternoon Rest :: 

:: Handmade Mothers Day Card from my 7 Year Old ::

:: Yes, I really do look like this! ::

This weekend, I heard Janet Jackson & Luther Vandross on the Radio
It brought back memories of past Summers & inspired this post.

Wishing you all a week of Free Best Things



  1. It's great to know what you look like! ;) I love the simple things in life....and there in nothing better than FREE. All of those things would put a smile on my face.

    Lou xxx

  2. I love the specs...
    You have some lovely flowers in your garden..
    Free, is the best!

  3. My "bleeding heart" seems to have bitten the dust I'm afraid. I love the idea that "What happens in Youlgreave stays in Youlgreave"!!!xxxx

  4. Another lovely post! So nice to see what you look like, would recognise you anywhere now! That really is great art work, you must have been thrilled with that card. Your home always looks so clean and tidy!
    Lisa x

  5. We have freckles - don't you just love them.

    Nina xxx

  6. Lovely photos. Aren't we having a fantastic spring so far (I hope I haven't spoke to soon!). The spirea branches look great there and I love that clock!

  7. Super photos. Love the green glass and the spirea - our bridal wreath spirea is out at the moment. Great card from your little one:)

  8. Great post, I love your mothers day card especially.

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  10. Nice blog - love the blue colours

  11. Hello again, thanks for your comment! Ernie is our turtle... we adopted him after his previous owner treated him badly for ten years and then abandoned him - you can read about him in my post from earlier this week -

  12. Hi Lydia! How lovely to meet you! I've had a quick peep in your archives and it seems we share a couple of loves.....Avante Garde in Baslow and VW Campervans! Lots of love, Amanda xxxx