Sunday, 17 April 2011

Twelve Goes to Cornwall

For the next week, we have left  Number Twelve and are living here in this beautiful cottage

Near St Austell

We've stayed here many times before, so it feels like home from home....

Only a lot tidier!

Today we popped into Charlestown to have a late lunch at Charlies

It's been a firm favourite since we discovered it last Easter - 
With toast almost the same size as small person

We wandered down to the harbour - past these stunning tulips

Admiring the old whitewashed fishermans cottages

Past the boats

Down to the harbour walls

 All in the most glorious sunshine - It felt like August, not April

Small person went pebble hunting 

Whilst Tall One people watched

We then drove to Portholland stopping for an ice cream from here - 

and walked from the East Harbour to the West Harbour

Where Small Person made freinds and painted Pebbles

and Tall one found Towers on the beach

Then it was back home for a sunny evening tea

Todays Treasures .....

& G proving he's still got the touch with the ladies....

I am looking forward to the rest of the week, time to unwind and have time with those I love most in the world..

It's  been a tough week leading up to this break, one thats made me want to wrap my arms around my familly & squeeze them tight. One thats made me count my blessings

Do the same to your loved ones, wherever you are, and be happy in the moment.



  1. Poor you, I hope this break does the trick.
    Say hello to Cornwall for me, especially if you go to Falmouth and St. Ives
    Have you been to the Minack Theatre? well worth a visit and the beach is from heaven...
    Take care

  2. Great advise.I want to be in Cornwall! Pop and say hi to St Ives for me. I love Charlestown - its an amazing little place. xxx

  3. I hope all of No12 have the most fabulous week in St Austell sharing lots of laughter and love and making many happy family memories.
    Lisa x

  4. It looks like a great start to the holiday - I hope the weather stays good and you have a super week :)

  5. Lovely blog post, it looks like a perfect holiday and sounds like it was one you all needed. x

  6. Wow, I am so glad to hear that you are having time together in such a wonderful place - you so deserve this time of rest and blessing. Your photos are lovely and the name of the cottage is quite relevant to something you were saying to me the other day, I think? I'm writing some prayers for my children and posting on my blog them every day this week, as I've found that a good way of dealing with many of my concerns and stresses about them at the moment.

  7. What a lovely cottage and a beautiful place to be with your family. Have a wonderful time:)

  8. (((((Enjoy))))) but you forgot to put me in your suitcase - again! lol

  9. Ooo my fav wine ;-) have a fab time you deserve it :-)

  10. You could have said, I would have packed my bags!

    I hope you have a fab Easter!

    Lou xxx

  11. Just down the road from me! Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog Lydia - so glad you popped by because now I've found you! x

  12. Thank you for lovely comments over on MagicBeans. Have a happyhappy week and a great Easter, Ax

  13. What a beautiful place to stay - it looks like the perfect place for a holiday! Great to discover your blog, too.

    Pomona x

  14. love that part of Cornwall. Looks like you had the most fabulous time.

    that book looks interesting. what did you think of it?


  15. Hi Lydia!
    I am going to Cornwall in June and I just cannot wait! It will be like awhole family holiday with in laws and kids. I am really looking forward to it. :) Your pictures show that you had a great time!

  16. Hello Lydia, thanks for your comments over at my place, now I've met you! How have I missed your blog? .... so many of my friends seem to know you well ... Diane, Rosie, Lisa. I've just been reading through some of your lovely posts. Lucky you, you live in such a nice part of the world!
    Love Kathy

  17. We were in Cornwall last week! At Lizard Pt. I haven't blogged about it yet because I have 500 photos to go through! It was our first time there but not our last :). I love the title of that book - is it good ? XOL

  18. :o) been trying to get here for days with no luck!

    I'm here now.

    You are right. I should paint the letters white, I'll only regret it if I don't!

    I would love that book if the offer still stands! my email is, if there is anything I can send you in exchange, let me know :o)


    p.s love the 12 goes to cornwall title. Very Enid Blyton, which is so fitting for Cornwall! x

  19. What a beautiful place to stay. Enjoy! Lizzie x

  20. Hello there,

    just stopping by to thank you for your kind wishes on my last post! The future is certainly looking brighter and this change is just what I needed as I had given up hope of it ever happening. Things can change so quickly!

  21. looks like a fabulous week! I love the sheep picture, just havin a wee cuddle! lol, Im glad I found your blog ^_^


  22. Hello, I'm just reading back on your old posts (such a lovely blog!), can you let me have the link to this lovely holiday cottage please?! We are thinking of venturing down there next year and this place looks just fab for the 4 of us!
    Many, many thanks