Thursday, 29 January 2009

Here I come - dipping my toe into blog land.....

Have you seen all those fabulous homemakers blogs? So inspiring. And here I am, inspired to be a creative fabby homemaker - but whilst still working.

Wondering how i can get the balance between work & homelife....

Can i have my cake & eat it? Yes i will try (and I mean quite literally as well)

Welcome to my journey


  1. Hello Lydia, pleased to meet you! :O)
    Thanks so much for visiting me, it's always nice to find a new name especiallly if they're a fellow Brit.

    I know how hard it is to juggle craftiness with Mummying, and that's with only one little humbug to deal with! You must be an incredibly busy mama.

    I'll stop by often if that's ok! Got to go, tiny person screeching!

    Sadie C

  2. Know the feeling, I work 28 hours over 4 days, and have Tuesdays off. I love my day off, and it's nice to catch up with things, but doesn't it perk you up when you do meet a friend, and have a coffee, shop etc!?
    Life is not all work, and we deserve to do something for ourselves sometimes.
    Love the flowers in your other post, spring is not too far away!! ; )

    Have a lovely weekend

    Sharon xx