Friday, 2 April 2010

Easter Week - Part Two


Meet StEGGosouras - The 9 year old had an egg decorating competition at school this week...

And little miss had oodles of fun decorating her Easter Bonnet - Less most definatley is not more....

I have also baked Easter Cookies with the 9 year old. It was lovely to spend the one on one time with him, so rare nowadays. He spends so much time with his dad cycling at the weekend, it feels as if it is boys together, girls together at our house. Does anyone else find this? Anyway, I digress....

Golden Syrup Cookies

100gm Margarine/Butter
75gm Soft Light Brown Sugar

2 tbs Golden Syrup

175gm SR Flour
Folded In

100gm Chocolate (I used Eggs - Crushed & I like Smartie Eggs as they keep their bright colour)

and added

Form into small sized drops

Make between 12 & 18 depending on your preffered size

Wait patiently as they bake for 8-10 minutes at 160c (fan oven)

& mmmmm....

Enough for the smalls & us girls at work....

The Easter banner was inspired by the Emma Bridgewater card that came through the post.
G kindly (after some pouting - from me) photocopied & enlarged the postcard. I then happily sat and cut out chickens & eggs, and threaded them onto ribbon.

Only trouble is G thinks that you cannot tell them apart clearly enough...

I can though, probably because I spend more time at the kitchen sink...

Love Lydia xx


  1. hello what a lovely Easter post .......HAPPY EASTER XX

  2. Those biscuits look scrummy yummy.
    The StEGGosouras egg turned out great and your wee one's bonnet is fab. Cute banner too even if you did have to pout for it, you should have reminded him who washed his 12 day old pants ;) LOL
    Happy Easter hon x

  3. So pleased you liked the masks! I don't think you're at all rude, the children are miles cuter!
    Thanks for sharing the recipe, I'm going to bake those next week for sure.
    We seem to do the girl/boy thing too. It's not intentional, just pans out that way. Although when G's home they both way prefer to be with him, I'm more accessible more of the time and therefore a bit boring!
    Are you going to be watching the new Dr later?
    Hope you all have a great Easter.
    Lisa xx

  4. Hi Lydia, what a wonderful week you have had!! I love everything you mall made! Your little ones are so cute!
    Happy Easter to you all.

  5. Hi Lydia, the colourful cookies look so yummy!
    Happy Easter!!

  6. mmmm yummy cookies - fab easter bunting - excellent egg decorating! its been busy at your house :-)
    we do the boy/girl thing - not sure why but its definately become the "done" thing now out of habit - must make more effort to swap children in future :-)
    happy easter
    Lesley x

  7. Hi Lydia, I read a book about bringing up boys once, and it said that after 5 years old, boys should spend a lot more time with dad than mum, so you are doing it right!! Cookies look scrumptious. Glad to see you all having a lovely time. xxxx

  8. I am going to give the cookie reciepe a go, it seems easy and I am new to this cake baking lark! Happy Easter x

  9. Happy Easter Lydia, to you and your beloved ones! xxx

  10. long time no visit! I'm trying to get better at making visits.

    Love your Easter posts :O) I think Fresh Cut Roses is my all time favourite Yankee candle. It's gorgeous.

    Happy Easter
    Sadie :O)

  11. Love the look of those cookies and that dinosaur is so cute!! Your daughter got further than i did with her Easter bonnet - mine is still on the top of the fridge awaiting decoration! LOL Maybe next year ;)

    Happy Easter

  12. did I miss this post??
    Cookies...yum yum..
    Bunting is wonderful creative..!!
    Take care

  13. You noticed the name change!
    Hope you had a good Easter and that the Easter bunny left you some chocolate, although maybe not in the compost bin!
    Lisa x

  14. Hi Lydia! How lovely to meet you! I just had a good read of some of your archives and you sound like my kind of gal! Thanks for stopping by. Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  15. There's an award for you over on my blog hon.

    And in the spirit of keeping the pants comments alive - be thankful he doesn't do the four way wear with his pants. Less to wash but four times worse! LOL

  16. Ooooh such lovely colours, enticing me in there with that bowl of pretty eggs! The cookies look like just the very thing to enjoy with a nice cup of tea - alas, I am trying to lose a few pounds so I wont be eating anything like that for a bit (all my clothes are a real squeeze!!)
    I love the happy bunting too, lovely!

    Julia x x x

  17. Just found your blog, those cookies look fab ! Loving that egg too that your son did :-)

  18. Hello, I miss making Easter things with the boys…it’s a shame when they grow up.

    I hope all is ok with you…love Lou xxx

  19. I love readding, and thanks for your artical. ........................................

  20. wow! you cook so well! and lovely pics!
    my one dream has been to visit Peak District since I was in Lake District!
    do mail me at:
    Love from India!

  21. Love those cookies & decorations!!
    Would you like to visit mt latest post? I have a little surprise for you!!

    Enjoy your weekend : )

    sharon xx

  22. IT IS A VERY NICE SUGGESTION, THANK YOU LOTS! ........................................

  23. Are you ok? Or are you still washing all those underpants?
    Just wanted to drop you a line to check all is well as I miss you xx

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  25. Hi Lydia. Just thought I would pop by and see how you are.
    It's finally flip flop weather here in the south today! Hope you've been enjoying yours too.
    Lisa xx

  26. Hooray you're back :) I was starting to think I would have to organize a rescue party to come find you under that pant mountain xx

  27. Hi Lydia!
    Hope everything's ok hun? Could you e-mail me your name & address on the shabby polka dots e-mail address on the blogshop please? You won the blogshop giveaway!!!!

    Sharon xx

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  29. Hi just popped by to say hello and hope you and your family are okay.

    Hugs Pat