Saturday, 4 April 2009

Bitten Off More than I can Chew

Just a quick post to admit that this week I have bitten off more than I could chew.

The kitchen units are all in, but work did not finish until Friday afternoon, just before it was time to get the small persons from school. I cannot begin to explain the dust & ensuing chaos it has all created - or the distress of not been able to get to the washing machine all week.

Work has been busy& a bit stressy, of all the weeks I didn't need to go over my hours, I did.

I think the children still remember who I am.

We are off to Cornwall today (leaving very late for such a long drive) . Its been a frantic packing session till the early hours of this morning & I am grumpy & tired.

I am ready for the cottage,the sea air, and the magic, that is Cornwall.

& when I get back - I can put everything back in my spanky new kitchen cupboards - just don't mention the unfinished floor, window sill, & tiling that still needs to be done - and if any one has seen a cooker hood, its mine....

Lastly, If you hear of a Japanese trawler, harpooning a whale on the Cornish coast, don't worry, it'll be me - I've been eating my stress again!

Love Lydia xx


  1. aww poor you :-( i must admit i have abandoned all ideas of new kitchen when i realised how much hassle it would be but yours is looking very nice indeed and so nearly there and it will all be a distant memory soon :-)
    enjoy cornwall and have a relaxing fun time!
    lesley x

  2. Cornwall, Cornwall!!oh, I want to come too....
    I'm so homesick at the moment.....
    Kitchen looks wonderful,
    Have a lovely relaxing time, eat loads of pasties and clotted cream, drink loads of, of alcohol, if you like, and say you were doing it for me if anyone asks, yum, yum!!

  3. I agree, Cornwall is special. My favourite place is St Michael's Mount. My favourite put the St Kew Inn, they make a corking fish pie!

    Enjoy your hols, and enjoy finishing off the kitchen when you get back. At least it's more done than not! ;o) xx

  4. put is meant to be pub! I have a tiny person terrorising the cat at the moment, it put me off what I was typing! :oD

  5. I like the pink 'thingy' hanging from your kitchen cupboard. Lovely touch, even if there are no tiles! Enjoy your break in Cornwall. Sounds like you deserve it x

  6. At least the most disruptive work has been done now!! The kitchen looks gorgeous!!!!
    It definitely is a great idea to go to Cornwall!! The weather is good, and it sounds as though you need a rest, and to "get away from it all"!!
    Have a lovely break, hun : )

    Sharon xx

  7. hurrah, the worse is over!

  8. How did you not pack me into your suitcase? Very disappointed here, but I hope you have a well deserved break and when you get back you can love your kitchen despite the floor and tiles and hood situation ;)

  9. Hi, Discovered your blog today and I think its lovely. I too am a Cornwall freak - St Ives for me everytime. Your new kitchen looks great - plenty of time to add the finishing touches. We also love Derbyshire and often go walking and camping there as its not too far to travel. Look forward to following your blog.

  10. Well it's looking good!!! I did laugh about the extractor hood, I will keep a look out ;)

    Hope it's all finished off soon xxx

  11. received my parcel thank you soooo much ! you must have read my mind ive been after one of those "thingies" to put a shape on top of my coffee for ages!! hope you having a good time - im eating chocolate like there is a potential shortage about to happen!

  12. See told you you should have packed me too ;)
    I think hubby probably finds a couple of Ikea trips every 10 years more preferable than a weekly Relate meeting. But that might just be having to live with me :D
    Hope you're out on the beach with your bucket and spade having fun. x

  13. hope you had a lovely holiday and a good Easter xx

  14. Hiya
    I've just came across your blog whilst blog hopping saw your kitchen pic's and had to comment. We've just been through the same thing. Hubby thought it would be a great Idea to rip out our old kitchen floor, tile's and all and put it all beck new and just to make things interesting to do it all by ourselves aaaaahhhhh. however seven day's later we are now nearly finished.
    Your is looking great just keep telling yourself it'll be worth it in the end.

  15. wishing you many happy, restful and restorative days in cornwall!