Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Love :: Friendship :: Love

Love :: For the man who took me away to the City I Love

Freindship :: Being joined by our mutual freinds

Love :: My Favourite Department Store

Love :: Big bunches of my favourite flowers, that wouldn't survive the plane home.

Love :: For the man who carried a Bag of Bulbs home                                      

Love:: In the moment - My son, who loves his bed, I-touch & Harry Potter books,
& who at 10, still loves Eyeore beyond measure (tucked under his arm)

::Friendship - Half term sticking with best friend

Friendship :: Thankyou cards for having another little friend to play

Friendship:: The colleague who cared enough to bring me flowers 

:: Freindship - Because she recognised that I am struggling with work at the moment

Freindship:: When an unexpected gift arrives from a blog freind

Love :: Made with Love

Love :: Our new arrival - before he left sunny California for damp Derbyshire. 

:: Love & Freindship - Looking towards days full of Love & Freindship::



  1. that looks very much like Amsterdam....such a special place, lucky you

  2. Love:: your new arrival
    Love:: lovely blog posts
    Friendship:: here's to bloggy friends

    B xxx

  3. What a LOVEly post, I feel very lucky to call you a ( all be it a cyber one )friend, and I adore coming over to read your posts, they always touch me....

    Yes I am a little tease arent I, nearly finished them:0) x

  4. Wow now that is some new addition to the family! :) Are you going to take me to cornwall in him? Pwweeeeease! I promise I'll be good xxx

    P.S. Thanks for your kind words xx

  5. That's a lovely post, with a lot packed into it. Thanks for your beautiful photos and news, and full marks to your loving and caring family and friends! I also enjoyed reading your last post about the words for this year. I've done that too - I've chosen 'enjoy' as mine, as I realised that for years I've been too busy planning ahead and anticipating problems to enjoy the moment. So far, some success has been noted - the boys and I had a wild time in the leisure pool last Saturday, which previously I've thought of as a chore rather than as an enjoyment. Blessings to you all, and especially with your work. And I love the new addition!

  6. LOVE your new addition - for one moment I thought you had gone mad and got a dog! As you know - I would really love a campervan. xxxx

  7. Hi Lydia
    Thank you so much for your lovely comment. I immediately popped over and was instantly hooked on your blog. You hail from my old stomping ground... so many days spent in the Peak District... trips to the Tram Museum, Bakewell, Edale... my entire youth and much of my later years has been spent there. Even my daughters have had the pleasure of the beautiful Peak District! So very happy I have found your blog... it will help with my longing for home! Lx

  8. Hello, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a lovely comment. it looks like you have been visiting Amsterdam - looks wonderful and I love the tulips! Isn't it great to have such kind and thoughtful friends and bloggy friends! Will be back to visit again as we have N Derbyshire in common:)

  9. What a fab post.
    Hope you had the most marvellous time away.
    Did you buy any other treats?
    And a campervan? How fabulous! Where are you planning to go in it?
    Lisa x

  10. Love the pix esp the campervan - always wanted a VW bus like that - enjoy

  11. SOOOOOOOOOOO not fair! But I'm glad you had a lovely time. And as for the lucky girl! :0) xxx

  12. Aaahhhh such a soothing post.

    Don't you just love our big (ten year old) boys that still cuddle up with their Eyeore's?

    Have a lovely day,

    Nina xxx

  13. what a fantastic post, filled with love and inspiration. thanks for visiting. long may the eeyore cuddling continue!