Monday, 31 January 2011

Three Words

Each year Cherry chooses a word for the year - it reflects what she hopes for the coming months.
I have found this one of the most delightful things, and as she often does, it inspires others, includng myself.

This year I have choosen 3 words to guide & inspire me.

Yep, I know its boring, but not being organised leads me into all sorts of misery & mayhem. Long term readers may remember this incident... & I hate to say that since then, despite running a calendar, & keeping all school letters in gender identifiable folders, and generally doing my damndest,  I have still had two similar close misses. So this year I am adding a second diary (the big red one is my work one), a small one for the handbag.

I also need to get back on top of the house, last year it slipped & the clutter bunnies have had a riot. I will never be a minimalist type of person, there are just to many things that lift my soul & fill me with happiness to not leave around. 

However I do not want to spend my days off being a slave to the duster, life is just too short. So my 'lovely things', will be simplified.

I do, however give up trying to organise G!

One of the best days I had last year, was a last minute decision to take the smalls out for a picnic straight from after school club, and now I want to do it more often. Also this year we have agreed as a family that at least once a month we will take time out and spend it as a family. Life can be too hectic, with weekends feeling as busy as the weekdays. We are going to take time out as a familly to stop.

3. No
I need to learn to say NO. 

No to others. 

No to myself - No I do not need that Mars Bar, & just because I baked them, doesn't mean I need to eat them (all).

So how am I doing at the end of this first month of 2011? 

Well, I continue to feel strangely motivated to decutter & clear, I am on first name terms with the young man in our charity shop, and the skip on the drive is testement to my determination. 

Umm, no real episodes of grand spontaneity, & our January afternoon at Sutton Scarsdale was hampered by rain & hail, but I am sure that will come as the weather improves.

& No? Err I have joined Weight Watchers, but this No thingy is taking some practise. I have however said no a couple of times to things that really would have put me under unecessary pressure, and felt better/relieved for doing so, & the people I said No to are still speaking to me, so I really don't need to worry so much about saying No.

Thankyou for reading through my ponderings - I think I will be posting more over the next 11 months on these words. 

I will be back soon to tell you all about our soon to be expected new arrival - he's going to have a huuuge impact on our familly, and we are all sooo excited, he really is a dream come true!

Love Lydia x

ps - He's not a baby.


  1. Hello, good luck with the saying NO....I have never mastered that one. And as for saying NO to cakes, now that really is a hard one.

    Good luck!

    Lou xxx

  2. Saying No takes lots of practice but like anything just keep practicing ;)

    Oooh does this new addition have four legs and will help with getting you all out on those family trips? :)

  3. Wise words chosen well l hope you continue to use them to your advantage,it seems they have already started to change your lives well done.I can not wait to see the new member of your family .

    Have a good week hugs Pat.

  4. Well good luck with your words..I'm useless at saying no...
    can't wait to see the new member of the family!! You'll def have to start saying no, if it's what I think it is!!!!

  5. Well done you! I found saying "No" to the people I wanted to say "No" to, and saying "Yes" to the people I wanted and needed to say "Yes" to sorted me out. PS I will be trying to get you a small package to no 12 later this week, Fingers crossed this time! xx

  6. That's borderng cruelty, teasing Me with that delicious looking cupcake ths time of Morning ;o)
    I've been de-clutterng too, perhaps it's the thought of Spring getting us organsed!

    B xxx

  7. Nearly forgot, there's a heart swap over at mne if you can find the tme. Of cours you can always say 'NO'!

    B xxx

  8. Great words to pick, have fun living by them :-) I have a declutter urge at the moment too, is there something in the air?

  9. Wow a skip, that really is dedicated decluttering.
    Good luck with the WW, I'm not sure how you can resist your cakes, they always look so scrummy. And yes you are more than welcome to be the baker in the tea shop!
    Looking forward to hearing about your new arrival.
    I'm trying to be more postive this year. Fed up with feeling so sad. I found a poem coping about losing someone and it really hit home becuase it was just like a conversation Dad had had with us. It helped alot.
    Hope you can join in the scavenger hint, it's such good fun!
    Lisa x

  10. Just found your lovely blog. I like your words. With regard to the NO word, I have managed to say No to any food offered at work (I too am a nurse) and only will eat what I bring with me. I've done it for years, and somehow manage to stick to it. Try it! Looking forward to hearing about your non-baby new arrival....does it have a beak/paws/whiskers????

  11. Good luck with you weight watching and I can't wait to meet your new arrival! xx

  12. wholeheartedly agree on all three words and have found that actually 'no' is not as bad as you think.....have used it more with friends since landmark birthday and the sky hasn't fallen in yet