Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Looking Back and Looking Forward

Looking back on the highlights of a personally tough year, 2010, and celebrating the good.

Easter weekend family day trip to Crich Tramway museum for the 40's weekend....

Taking time out a the nature trail walk....

I spy my handsome boy....

We welcomed our neice, much adored by her cousins....

And had two weeks in our beloved Cornwall....

Sandy toes....

Fishing Villages....

New walks discovered....

And our history explored....

 New favourite Cafes found - Charlie's in Charlestown....

Simple summer joy at home....

The large 'paddling pool' - a magnet for the children on the close, giving us a garden of laughter & fun for the summer

We learnt lots about Camper Vans....

From interiors....

To 'Empi Stripes' on chairs....

And the amazing curtains available....

& I have learnt about eveything from splits to early & late bays, what is the 'rat' look & all about the buzz surrounding patina...

September sees new school shoes.... 6 & 12, for a 10 & 7 year old

The smalls had their first visit to the Netherlands....

& experienced Dutch celebrations.... 

As well as the bikes....

November saw special memory time as my smallest, became the smallest member of the Joseph Choir when it came on tour to Sheffield....

And I watched her all in love with the city - yes, she wants to live here when she grows up!

Baking has provided pleasure as well as calories....

Christmas arrived in a somewhat chaotic state, but, hey, I got there!

And through the stress of the lead up & work being very busy, in the darker moments, there were moments of peace, and light....

And now, I am looking forward to 2011, with a sense that this is going to be a good year.

I feel like I am emerging from a mist, with a renewed energy, and that finally life is filling with colour again....

I am looking forward, full of hope, of shared plans with my family & G, and plans for myself.

So here's to 2011 & all that it brings. 

I wish for us, all a year of blessings and joy. Laughter & freindship. Good things.



  1. What a lovely post Lydia. Full of wonderful memoments and things I "need" - like a campervan, a visit to Charlestown, one of your cupcakes! Beautiful. I would have loved to have gone to see "Joseph" as it is my absolute fave musical - but as I had seen it more times than I can remember, I thought I ought to save a bit of dosh, but I am regretting it now. Heres wishing you a very happy 2011.
    PS Did your card ever arrive? xxxxxx

  2. What a lovely post,you certainly found some nice places to visit.I hope your troubles from last year are over and 2011 is a year that will shine for you and your family.

    Hugs Pat.

  3. Yes, that's what I'm hoping for too....
    Lovely post Lydia.. keep looking forward...did I tell you, you inspired me to make cup cakes??? My last batch were Red Velvet ( from my fav book Hummingbird) and I bought some edible glitter back from the UK, just like your photo.
    Take care

  4. Thank you, Lydia, and blessings on you all for 2011.

  5. What a lovely little summary of all good things.
    Wishing you lots of happiness for 2011.
    Well done to your daugther getting into the Joseph show,what an experience.
    I can really relate your 'coming out of the mist' the time after Christmas was a real turning point for me.
    Hope you have many special family times in 2011.
    Lisa x

  6. And yet again you forgot to pack me in your suitcase! :( LOL
    Here's to a good year hon and hopefully one when I get to see you more often so we can continue our underpant discussion. (((hugs)))

  7. Hello Lydia

    What a delicious post! I did enjoy your photographs and journey through the last year, some lovely memories for you and your family Im sure!
    Love those camper vans, and the curtains!
    Wishing you a sparkling 2011 (belatedly!)
    with love
    Julia x x x

  8. Thanks so much for the comment Lydia, you are right, it will be all the more special as it has taken a long time!
    Lovely photos and lovely look back over 2010 xx

  9. What beautiful pictures- looks like you had a super year. Have a wonderful 2011 and rhanks for the comment on my blog x

  10. we are the same age. I hit the big 4-0 in October. *gulp*

    We also have the exact same front door, only mine is painted pale sage green.

    lovely to find you again. Happy new year - I know it's a tad late! x

  11. What beautiful memories to share with us Lydia, I feel very touched and honored. I love your front door, the childrens shoes, the cakes, the camper vans, new babies, all of it. I am quite taken with the saying "To see a rainbow we have to put up with the rain"....It helps me to think no matter what things shall get better and there shall be good times ahead...ohhh getting a bit deep there ;0)

    Thank you for your ever so lovely comment, perhaps I can get away with the florals for a little longer, perhaps :0)

    Big hugs and have a lovely weekend,

    Mary xxxx