Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Organisation - A Dirty Word

This September I vowed that I would be a truly organised mummy.

No more phone calls from G asking if I'd remembered it was Harvest Festival, after he'd dropped Little Miss off at school (er, no - because, if I had, then I would have sent in the food goodies). No more handing in trip money at the 11th hour, or forgetting the PE bag....

No, this year I will be soooo in control.

Monday September 7th. Little Misses Red Primary School uniform was laid out ready for her first day. Lunch box & PE bag all organised.

8yr old planning his day at Grandma's - due to his inset day.

Me all content and in control.

G looks out of the window & comments about the neighbours daughter looking all smart in her uniform. I sneak a peak. She looks delightful in her Navy Junior School uniform

Slowly the penny drops.

My heart stops.

I have got the wrong child ready for school.

He has 10 minutes to be at school. No PE Bag ready, no lunch box, & no breakfast (he was on a promise of breakfast at Grandma's).

There were tears - him because he really doesn't like school at the moment, her because she does.

There was stress - me.

There was a quite husband - very wise move.

We managed it though, the 8 year old, by some miracle arrived at school, on time, fed, but no PE bag. The 5 year unceremoniously dumped at Grandma's (I was truly late for work by this time).

I arrived at work & explained and explained why I was late. Did I get sympathy? Lord no! My fellow Mac's were in stitches laughing at me, as much as I was laughing at myself for being such a noodle.

Whilst I wouldn't want to repeat the episode again, my 'organisation' has brought laughter to my patients, when we share our day to day stories, allowing humour to connect us.

Oh Well - Off to try & get organised (Again)

Love Lydia xx

ps - It cost me a Transformer though....


  1. A small price to pay, but I totally understand.

    Personally for me being a little bit scatty makes for a much nicer mummy than a military organised one (boring) plus think of all those stories to look back on and have a chuckle about and your story did make me laugh to.

    Have a lovely day,

    Nina x

  2. Oh dear!!!

    Hope it goes smoothly from now on!xxxx

  3. Did I write this post, I probably shouldn't laugh but is me all over :) I am terribly scatty, ditsy, whatever you call it. I once wheeled off the wrong toddler in my pram, lol, it took me 5 minutes to realise it was not my child I was about to take home.

    I could tell you many a story, I love it it is what makes the world go on its merry way, and I think it is ladies like ourselves that bring a little ditsy charm into the world of ours, embrace who you are :)

    Off to be a very much loved mug, for a very much loved mug, he married me didn't he ;)


  4. See there you go calling myself a mug, I mean buy a mug ;)


  5. Hang on, i'm just picking myself up off the floor.
    Sorry but it was funny, I would never do something like that 'hehe'!
    You've really made my day.
    Beki xxx

  6. The children will laugh about that many times in years to come as they grow up I'm sure!
    I do sympathise, I try so hard to be organised and although a few days seem to go ok it never lasts for long!
    Hope the rest of the term goes well!
    Lisa x

  7. Ah the best laid plans ...... I am with the organised chaos school of thought and practice x

  8. I sneaked a peek at this whilst at work and then had to make some excuse up about why I was laughing!!! You are in good company here Lydia !! xxxx

  9. You did realy well to put it right so quickly,clever you ,you must be more organised than you think and you gave us somthing to smile about enjoy the rest of your week hugs Pat

  10. oh i will be giggling all day about that how funny :-D we are laughing with you not at you though !!!
    Lesley x

  11. Maybe I shouldn’t be laughing as I have not visited your blog before! But you have made my day…:) I remember those days well.

    Thank you for sharing…love Lou xxx

  12. OH! Sorry, but couldn`t help myself from laughing...
    Hope that every thing goes smoothly from now on...


  13. This made me laugh out loud ... it's exactly the sort of thing we'd do.
    I remember once (possibly the worst) was taking my son to school on an inset day - we arrived to find the street in the vicinity of the school deserted and gates locked! I was at work full time then and finally (after hastily arranged childcare) I got to work feeling totally stressed and a complete failure as a mum - and yes everyone laughed at me.
    The whole school thing is just so complicated to manage - I'm now a stay home mum and still mess up!!!

  14. Sorry I laughed (but it was very funny!!) X

  15. LOL!! Thats really made me giggle hun!! Although I realise at the time it must have been rather stressful!!
    Just found your blog through a friends and read a couple of posts that I've enjoyed so gonna back and read more now!!!
    Have a great day!
    Annie x

  16. I'm sorry but I would have laughed too :-)

  17. Those pink shoes don't belong to me, they are my aunt's. Fab though aren't they!
    Thanks for asking about S and school, she is loving it as much as T dislikes going!
    Hope everything is ok with you.
    Lisa x

  18. Me again, sorry!
    Forgot to say I haven't had the grown up Boden catalogue through, which is probably just as well! I think the photography is wonderful, the settings and stylings they use make it all look so irrestisible.
    Lisa x

  19. Hello Lydia
    First let me say thanking for your kind comment on my blog, secondly thank you for the stitches in my side,my husband has had a laugh as well. This post is fantastic. This would of been me 3 months ago. All us mum's try so hard to be organised.
    Really looking forward to going back through your post.

    Good Wishes Joanne x

  20. Just catching up with blogs....sorry for the lateness of my comment. However - this could have been me! Ooops.

    Hope all is well. Best wishes x