Thursday, 23 July 2009

Peas perfect Peas

Apologies for being a lazy blogger - the days seem to have flown by. However inspired by the first batch of home grown pea's I decided to get my backside off the sofa, and put fingers too the keyboard.....

Evidence of the child slave labour employed in my house....

Although I think Little Miss ate more than she admitted to. Fresh peas from the pod bring back strong childhood memories of my Grandpa's garden, continued on by my Uncle's vegetable patch. I hope in turn, it becomes a special memory for my two little people.

As do Sweet Pea's always grown by my Grandma. For years I have tried to grow them, with gradual improving success - this year has been the best yet....

I am beginning to find my feet in the new job, it's been a huge learning curve (more mountain, I think). I have started to take on my own case load under supervision, and I don't think I realised just how emotionally tiring it can be (& I think I may have been doing a tad too much sofa spliging in the evening). Yet I continue to be amazed at peoples kindness, warmth and often humour as I visit them at home. On hot days people have been kind enough to offer ice cold lemonade, and many a sensitive conversation has been held over a cup of tea. Everybody has a story to tell, and its fascinating (& sometimes sad) to hear them....

One of the nice things about the job at this time of the year, is driving around the many areas of green country side surrounding the patch I cover. I never realised just how green it is where I live & the rolling hills that surround the area
Here's a sneaky peak of one of my often travelled roads....

And this is the road I drive down to the Hospice each morning - Patrick Gale wrote in his book 'Notes from an exhibition' about a lane where the tree's arch over, creating a green cathedral in the light, and this is the thought I hold in my mind, as I go to & from work each day. It gives a sense of peace and calm at the start & end of my working day.

& finally (in my best Trevor MacDonald voice) continuing on the Green theme - Perfectly Happy Mum tagged me to make a green promise - I missed the proper week.

However it did make me think. I am an avid recycler of plastics as well as paper/tin/compost, redistribute clothes & knick knacks, and rarely fill my fortnightly black bin - I did notice that I am a bit of a lazy madam with the wash powder liquid & fabric conditioner, preferring to judge the quantity - far quicker... Yet it's quite amazing; when you do use the measure, the bottle really does last 24/42 washes. Better for the environment & my purse - thank you Peggy!

Love Lydia xx


  1. The picture of the trees and the lane is just beautiful. Cx

  2. lovely pictures - ive read that book as well :-)
    glad your settling into the job it must be hard but rewarding at the same time!

    good point about the washing powder etc im a bit splash it in and dont measure it as well oops!
    Lesley x

  3. Nice to have you back Lydia - I was missing my ally from the north!! I really envy you having such a rewarding job. You make a massive difference in peoples lives when they need it most. The countryside is looking very lush at the moment. Your pictures are great. I love the (heart shaped!) bowl of peas.

  4. A lovely green post.
    Great news that your new job is going well, like Diane says you must make such a huge contribution to others which is amazing.
    Funny you should mention washing powder, I've been wondering whether to go back and make my own again.

  5. Hello, Nice to hear from you again.Glad the job is going well, so to speak!!
    So much to recycle, so little time.........

  6. So pleased your doing so well at your new job, the peas look so fresh...much nicer when they have just been popped from the pod!
    Have a great weekend..x

  7. Helllloooo you!

    Glad you are back.

    Yes, the washing powder does go much further when you actually measure it. I got one of those new Bold 2 in 1 squeezy tube things when the massive bottle was reduced from £8 to £4, it was great. Lasted loads longer than I thought it would....because I put the right about of squuzy gloopy stuff in each wash instead of whatever I would usually put in there. And better for the purse too.

    Also, do you put your washing on the lower heat setting? I have done for the past few months now, since I read that for every four washes at 30oC, you would have got three washes at 40oC - don't know if this is true or not? I read it in the Asda magazine! xx

  8. Don't be impressed by the washing powder thing, it's just stirring some things together!
    I have sent you a tag if you would like to have a go.
    Lisa xx

  9. Hello there!

    I found you through Diane's blog (heartshaped)
    What lovely photographs - what a delightful bowl (where did you find that! :) and the memory of peas for me is similar - sitting on the back step with Mum and sometimes Nan and for the bowl, three or four for my mouth...!

    Happy memories and glad to have found you today!

    Love Julia xxx