Monday, 10 August 2009

Cornwall - Lizzard Point

I am struggling to believe its only just over a week since we came back from Cornwall - the time has flown, and it's back to the almost usual routines of daily life.

Blogging has however given me a good excuse to sneek a peek back at some of the photo's we took whilst away.

One of the unexpected highlights of our stay was a visit to the lighthouse at Lizard Point - the most southerly point in England. It was a wet day, not suitable for the beach, and the small people had tooo much energy to reign in for shopping, so we decided to pay a visit to this lovely looking lighthouse....

Which was busy at work due to the misty wet weather, including the foghorn that felt like it went through me each time it sounded - never again will I tell the children they have voices like foghorns.

In the working museum the Small People were able to send signals, and track ships....

and watch a film about the lighthouse and it predecessors (I thought it was a long way to come to watch an episode of coast - although the 8 year old did not agree...)

Ooodles of fun was had learning how to signal with flags -

And G & the 8 year old went up to see the lamp room of the lighthouse....

After all the energy used up exploring and learning, we wandered down to the nearby tearooms, and had the most deliciously simple lunch - beans on toast for the 8 year old - & huge granary doorstop sandwiches for the rest of us. Yum!

Post lunch, and with the weather looking a smidge brighter we took a steady walk down to the old lifeboat house - one of the earliest sites for life boat launches. It's now redundant in all its run down splendour. Apparently a renowned artist used to paint from it - although I forgot whom, by the time I'd walked back up the hill....

We walking past the most southerly house in England....

Down to the little bay, for a closer inspection of the bay and boats....

And even whilst it was still overcast, the view was, I think, really quite beautiful.

Love Lydia xx


  1. Museums have become so much more child friendly in recent years, looks like your had great fun.
    You're right that view is still stunning despite the weather.
    Thanks for your complimentary message!
    Hols going well here just hoping the sun makes the appearance the weathermen predicted this week.
    Hope all is well with you.
    Lisa x

  2. Yes, the Cornish coast is beautiful whatever the weather! I do miss it!
    Have you been to the Maritime Museum at Falmouth(where we lived)?
    And of course, the Eden Project, both very child friendly.
    Clothes buying here is impossible (My Big Fat Greek Wedding?)
    I bought my dress a week before I got married 7 years ago, it was fine,no stress.
    Bethan is working so hard (via internet) to organise 'the wedding' from Saudi. She's not had 1 Bridezilla moment...bless, I'm so proud of her!!

  3. How lovely that looks, glad you had a slovely time!

    Makes me sad I have not managed to get to the seaside this yr, hoping to go later this yr, when all the children go back to school, just for a weeknd

  4. It looks lovely - I enjoy that coast at any time of year and in all weathers although during the summer holidays it would be nice to see some sunshine!

    Have just found your blog and will be coming back now that I have!


  5. Hi Lydia,

    Thanks for your lovely comment - you've really cheered me up!!! I must say those beans on toast look DIVINE - I could go some of those right now!Fab pics!
    BH x
    PS, jam making - I have to confess I chuck fruit and preserving sugar into the bread maker and hit the start button - easy peasy in a cheat kinda way - tastes just as home made as any other though!

  6. Hi Lydia, Glad you had a good holiday. Your little people look scrumptious in their finery - I bet you were really proud. xxxx

  7. Have a super week!
    Thank you for the lovely comment!x

  8. It looks like you all had a smashing time, and I agree that Cornwall looks lovely at any time of the year - and any weather come to that - when I lived in Devon we used to like going to St Ives in January, windswept and blustery, it was perfect!

    Love Julia xxx

  9. We try and visit the beach there every time we go to Cornwall , it seems like forever since we went in June so i know how you feel !!

    Sara x x

    oooh the magazine is out now if you fancy a peek pop over to my blog :)