Wednesday, 8 December 2010


This weekend I celebrated my erm, uhh, ohhh, 39th Birthday. Just one year left till I have to move up to the next age group in anti-wrinkle creams - 20's, 30's, just can't say it yet's.....

The day started well - small people brought me breakfast in bed - tea, toast & cuddles, always good......

Despite the heavy snow, I ventured out to have morning coffee with a friend and a mooch round my favourite shops on Chatsworth road, Libby's, Created, Harley's and Moo Moo's. After 3 days in the house I had a good dose of cabin fever, so the time out was fab.... Even if it was a nervous tramp through the snow. My poor friend was witness to my 2 left feet and lack of traction control....

I treated myself to this lovely felted flower at Created, which I think cheers up my winter coat, along with my favourite striped scarf. I love this gallery, it's full of unique, locally sourced creations, very reasonably priced.

On Saturday evening we braved it as a family over to Buxton to see a production of Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol at the Pavilion theatre. It's the first time we have been to the Pavilion, usually we go to the Opera House, which is just stunning, and holds lot of special memories for me.

Whilst the Pavilion theatre lacked the atmosphere of the Opera House, the production was excellent, it held my 10 year olds attention, and it was a lovely family outing, made all the more special by mum and dad joining us.

I am looking forward to the next 12 months, my 30's have felt like a long hard slog at times, pregnancy (think whale) the early years of babies, toddlers, which you wish you could get back, minus the overwhelming knackeredness, and a good dollop of worrying..... so here's to my final year of being in my 30's, I have a feeling its going to be a good year!

On a final note we are still struggling with snow & ice here in my little patch of North Derbyshire. This morning it was -16 outside, and the side roads are just sheet ice, very scary as I have lost control of my car twice in the past 24hours. My 10 year olds school has been shut again today, due to the heating breaking down, and to be honest, its getting quite boring/tiring now, and it doesn't even look pretty anymore (although a small pink person still looks pretty it).

It's even stopping me from wearing my birthday presents from G (brought back from America at a hugely discounted price compared to the UK)....

Not that G has too worry about ice, work & small people - he's nice and warm in Taichung for the next 12 days - Ba Humbug.



  1. Well, happy birthday to you! I am finding that life in my 40s is full of new discoveries, and that they are generally pretty good discoveries, too! I'm sure you're right that your year will be a good one. I gather that you may have more snow to come - I'll be thinking of you and the family!

  2. Belated Happy Birthday to you. I found that my 40's went by in a blurr and suddenly I was in my 50's! A Christmas Carol looks great - very appropriate ! xxx

  3. Belated Happy Birthday greetings to you.I agree with Diane all a blur but thats not too bad they say 50 is the new 40 so doing it all over again LOL. We have had loads of snow and damage due to it all so i know how you feel your night out looked very good, a nice family outing.

    Xmas hugs Pat

  4. Lovely snug boots!
    We're off to see a local productions of ACC on 23rd Dec.
    Glad you managed to pack a few things into your birthday weekend despite the weather.
    Keep warm and safe.
    Lisa x

  5. Hope your Birthday was well enjoyed!! Wish I was 39, as Pat said "50 is the new 40!!", so i look forward to becoming 40 again!!!
    Love the boots, such a cute daughter, and lets hope that snow disappears soon!
    Hugs ((( )))

    Sharon xx

  6. A belated Happy Birthday hon. 40's not so bad honest, I turn 41 in January - now THAT sounds old LOL
    Enjoy your 39th year babe, here's to an amazing year.
    I'm fed up of the snow now too x