Friday, 3 December 2010

No longer wondering if I am Waving or Drowning....

Helllloooo, its me, back after a rather long bloggy break.

It's been a fair few months, but I have needed time away, to look at myself, life and all around me. I've needed time to start to almost 'mend myself', I didn't realise just how tired I had become until I went away in the summer, and slept at almost every opportunity. It's still a journey I am on, and I've been blessed to have had some incredible support.

It was a comment by the very lovely Floss on my blog title that made me think, (realising that there was a not too happy poem about wether a man was waving or drowning), that this saying was not what I want to be defined by.

So here I am - Twelve, tales of life and love behind the grey door. This is my home.

A home of my own is all I have ever wanted, since making the decision to buy my first house at the age of 24 as a single newly qualified nurse. Whilst others were out painting the town red, I was earning extra money in nursing homes, to create my own home.

Now home for me has 2 smalls, a pile of ironing often found to be kissing the ceiling, 2 cats, 4 fish, cobwebs, and a husband (at times...when he isn't off abroad).

I still nurse, I care passionately about my job. It's the best job, and at times the worst job, sometimes it weighs heavy on me, and it takes days to remove things from my mind. I am now learning coping mechanisms to keep the balance in check.

So thankyou, all of you who have stuck by me, and continued to follow during my absence, and hello to new friends, I will be stopping by to say hi soon....

In the meantime, I'll leave you with some pictures of my little patch of North Derbyshire over the last few days.....

Despite the meanest set of winter tyres on my chunky monkey car, I have been well and truly snowed in!


PS - If anybody is kind enough to have me on a side bar link, please could you chuck my old blog title away, and replace it with my new one? Thankyou kindly!


  1. How strange, I was only thinking of youn earlie!
    It'slovely to hear from you, hoping you stay a while;o)

    B xxx

  2. What a lovely post :0) I love the way you write, it really draws me in. So happy you have found some sleep, as you may see from the time, something I could certainly do with. Your husband looks a fine chap, could he have quite a sense of humour, looks it ;0) look forward to reading more about 12. Shall indeed change you on my sidebar.

    Hugs as always xxxx

  3. Hoorah!!!!
    I've been so worried about you...I knew there was problems.... I'm glad you're sorting them. ( I know from personal experience how nursing can damage your own health))
    Lovely house, lovely hubs and kiddly wink!
    Keep going
    Take care

  4. Yay! Hello again. Lovely to see you back. Looking forward to more Twelve posts.
    Enjoy your day!
    Lisa x

  5. Hello, who are you - do we know you? HURRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Youre back!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to admit I was worried about you. I have been through the "drowning" period myself - back in 2003 and its awful, but look at me - I'm waving again - and so will you. Your home looks lovely - and what about all this snow!!!! Lots of Love xxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Welcome back you! It's good to see you!!
    What a lovely home you have, and now a lovely new Blog title too!
    Im glad to read you are starting to feel a little better, sending big scoops of gentleness to you ~ and keep warm with all this freezing weather!!

    Love Julia x x x

  7. Glad you are feeling better now, it is strange how you have to burn out to see how tired you have become.

    Wow that snow looks gorgeous!

  8. Wow that is a lot of snow - we only had a foot or so - yesterday - and today it's all been washed away.

    Welcome back,

    Nina xxx

  9. So glad you are back,we all question ourselves from time to time and i think we come back a little stronger each time. I used to have a love of snow but not any more we have had that much it has bought our guttering down and landed on the conservatory roof and that came down to now waiting for the insurance to put it right.

    Keep positive hugs Pat.

  10. great blog, lovely post and always loved it here, no matter what the name is.

  11. HELP! I feel responsible! But of course, it's lovely to hear from you and I'm not forgetting that you took the time to leave me a very kind and caring comment in the midst of your own concerns. Thanks and blessings.

  12. Hooray!!! You're back!! I have missed you soooooo much. I've been fashioning a rope of sorts out of odd socks to come rescue you from the underpant pile. :)

    Yes a terrible chore it was, the things us Mother's have to do for our children LOL The fact she'd not heard of them before I bought the tickets is totally irrelevant ;)

    So happy to see you back xxxx

  13. Great to see you back, hun, and hope you feel a lot better!!
    Love the pics if your lovely home, and your family.
    Big Hugs((((( )))))

    sharon xx