Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Life in the Slow Lane....

Hello, I'm still here, pootling along, in the slow lane of life for a while. Twelve have relocated again to Cornwall, this time in our beautiful camper, top speed of 61mph (once) on the way down from Derbyshire, yes life definitely in the slow lane.

I've not been well recentley, having finally gone to the GP & been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes & Anaemia. It explains why I was feeling so very, very, tired & wanting to sleep 24/7, and why the Mars Bars wern't working. So I am currentley off work, as I take time to rest & recover, & with the support of a brilliant GP & Practice Nurse, for the medication and lifestyle changes to start to work. 

I'm learning to live life at a slower pace.

And now we are down in Cornwall. It's a quieter holiday than we would usually have, I certainly won't be walking up to Tintagel Castle this stay, not enough oomph. But there is much pleasure & goodtimes in the simple things....

'Get me mum' jumps on Megavissy Harbour....

Warm water & sand on bare feet....

Warm towel snuggles. Just the best mummy beach activity ever....

G doing the male hunter/gatherer thing, our very own Bear Ghryllis....

Improvised Noughts & Crosses....

Our family favourite being played in the Camper Van....

Drinking coffee at Portreath beach....

As small one plays with shadows....

Watching as my boys bond....

As the sun sets....

It's good in the slow lane once in a while.



  1. It's good to see you back! I was getting a bit worried. I'm sorry that you have been diagnosed with Diabetes! My husband has been Diabetic for over 10 years. Eventually you will get in the routine of food, exercise, etc. Good for you for recognizing that you weren't well and seeking medical advice! Anemia is no fun either - I suffered for many years and finally determined the underlying reason (fibroids). I wish you increasingly good health and lots of energy!

  2. Thanks for your news - the diagnosis must be a relif to at least know why life has been so hard - bad news yet good at the same time. So glad to hear that taking it slow is going so well for you on holiday - I love your photos.

  3. Sorry to hear you have been ill but I bet you are really glad to know why you have been feeling like poop. Love love love your Camper, isn't she a beauty!

  4. Hi there just want to say i have finished reading your brilliant blog! and loving your great photo's you are lucky to live in a great place, I love the Peak District and Castleton is one of my favorite places. I just want to say you do a fantastic job and you are worth your weight in gold!! I too worked in nursing & midwifery, but had to get out of the NHS at it totally drained my soul. I am now a foster carer and loving it :0)
    Sorry to hear about your diagnosis....life can be crap at times.. Enjoy your holidays with your little family in your snug little camper van.
    Jayne x

  5. Keep taking it easy in the slow lane and enjoy all those lovely mummy moments.
    Lovely photos.
    Lisa x

  6. Sorry you have been under the weather - hopefully you will be soon on the mend. The slow lane looks like a fab place to be if you ask me! Enjoy the Cornish air. xxxx

  7. take care of yourself, and I hope you start to feel better soon, love those camper van photos, it looks like a wonderful holiday x

  8. thank you for your kind comment,mum is doing well and dad is waiting for his radiotheraphy to start,for them both to get this news in just 3 months has been a hell of a shock to us all but you just carry on and stay positive,x my hubby would love a camper van maybe one day...xx..

  9. hello, thank you for popping by my blog and becoming a follower, I am sure I will be visiting you again soon!

  10. Hi Lydia,
    Looks like a fab holiday was had there! Sorry to hear you've been poorly - hope you are feeling better now.
    Sorry too you missed the swap - I've had a similar comment about missing out - would you like to be partnered up? Let me know if so, and I'll see if I can sort out for you.
    BH x