Sunday, 28 August 2011

:: It was good in Cornwall :: Part One

:: To discover new beaches - Godrevy on the West Coast, a National Trust beach ::

:: Parking on the cliff, with the shortest of walks down to wide open coves of golden sand & crystal clear blue waters for as far as the eye could see ::

:: It was good to see the smiles on my 10 year old as he scampered like a mountain goat on the rocks ::
:: Water, sand, rocks. All he needs ::

:: It was so good, that we went back again ::

:: This time we called in at Hell's Mouth Cafe for lunch, which was delicious, and very well priced ::

:: Following the advice of a lovely gentleman, who informed my small people that they would be able to see seals further up the beach (true indeed, much excitment too) we wandered up to Hell's Mouth Cove:: 

::Sadly for such a beautiful place, he also told me it is also known as a suicide spot - it was so very moving to look at the local church number, offering support in times of need, pinned on the fence ::

:: It was good to visit Port Issac. To wander down the steep streets of fishing cottages ::

:: To the working Harbour ::

:: Small one collected sea glass & pottery treasures ::

:: And I had a serious case of the wanties in this emporium of wonderful things ::

:: As the sun came out, we walked the path back to the car park, overlooking the sea & it was good ::

:: It was good to revisit Polzeath Beach::
:: Our family works well on the beach, we've developed a rythm that suits all :: I have my tent, to shelter me from the sun & in which I sit & read, watch, cuddle & nourish from ::

:: Small one builds sand castles ::

:: And here we stay - late into the evening. Tucking into hot Cornish Pasties as the tide makes it way in ::

:: Squeezing every drop out of a beautiful chilled day.

 :: And as the darkness takes hold, late at night, I strip off small people, dry them off & wrap them up warm - I do think G is big enough to sort himself out, so don't offer ::

:: Hot camper drinks ::

 :: Its also good to slow down and watch & listen to the smalls people, eaves drop on their conversation, take in their growing personalities - ponder on what their future holds, whilst sometimes still wishing I could have them little again ::

:: I asked G ? When did the 10 year stop shouting out the make of the tractor that passed us on the roads? Something that was so much a part of his early years, has stopped & I hadn't realised till now. Then I notice a 7 & 10 year old reading the cartoon strips in the Daily Mail - and laughing, as only children can, at the silliness of adult humour ::

:: Yes, its all been good ::


Can I also add a big thankyou for all your lovely messages on my last post - & also say 'Hello" to Jayne, thankyou so much for your comment!


  1. oh what a wonderful post, I really enjoyed sharing your happy day with you. I hoe you have many many more with your lovely family.

  2. Just caught up with you last couple of posts - I love the camper van! Your photos are great and it looks like you had a lovely time. I love the sunset over the sea photos and I am feeling envious of your trip as I haven't been to a proper seaside for years and I'm desperate to go! I'm looking forward to part two :)

  3. oh it all looks amazing (except for those very high cliffs) your van is the cutest, and that photo of the children reading the paper is priceless.

  4. A great post! Looks like a gorgeous place to visit with lots of things to do! I love visiting beaches, can't wait to do that with my little one! Love the pirate wall plaque and all the other great photos too! :) x

  5. That looks so lovely and relaxing and wet suits are such a good idea in the sea - any time of the year.

    Love the red VW.

    Nina x

  6. I have to say - that hubby and I are on the look out for a campervan!!! Thank you for taking me to all these places that I know and love very much. This sort of holiday is the very best for a lovely family like yours. Hope you are feeling much better. xxxxxxxxxx

  7. Hello lovely! What a wonderful happy holiday post. Looks like the camper van holiday was a success for all. Here's to many more and lots of family memories in the making.
    Lisa xx

  8. What a gorgeous post and what a great holiday you have had. Your photos have made me long to see the sea again:)

  9. Oh L, what a beautiful, beautiful post. I adore the Camper Van, what special memories you shall have of your delightful holiday. Lady, lady a very BIG squeeze from me to you on the diagnosis' though am very happy to hear you are being well looked after, and wish you all good health and happiness!! Take it easy....Oh btw You won one of the little persil hampers ;) Shall look super duper in that little van of yours :)) You can email me via my profile page on blog, and shall forward on your address to persil who shall forward on your oh so cute hamper with persil treats inside. I am so happy you have won one my lovely. Big heaps of love from me to you xxxx

  10. ive just found your blog through mary poppins blog and glad i did to!!
    i have camper envy!.. how lovely is your bus, colour is amazing, looks like the perfect holiday lots of lovely memories for you and your children !!..


  11. Hi Lydia,

    I've had no joy with getting a response from the other interested party, however I'll partner up with you if you like?? Its my favourite time of the year so I can indulge and do three swaps!!! Autumn is great for me too.
    Let me know if you are still interested - my email button is on my sidebar.
    Hope to 'speak' to you soon!
    BH x

  12. Gorgeous post;
    love that camper
    and your precious
    kiddos! Hold on
    tight....they grow
    up soooo fast!
    xx Suzanne

  13. Hi, found you via Diane at heartshaped. I love Godrevy and go quite often cos I only live in St. Ives. Love your Camper van and glad you had a nice time here! x

  14. What a beautiful post - you came home just as we were heading off to the Basque Atlantic coast, so I missed your holiday reflections up until now. I'm looking forward to part 2! I'm having a giveaway if you'd like to enter - the unsual Rentrée one...

  15. I just want to go to Cornwall again!

    Pomona x