Sunday, 18 September 2011

:: It was good in Cornwall :: Part Two

Our last day & one of the best. Last days are always a mixed bag for me. I start to get antsy to get home 2-3 days before we are due to leave, yet still wish I wasn't leaving.

Rather than try & get wet suits dry overnight for packing we decided to have a 'dry' last day, and the family vote went to the Eden Project. It's a firm favourite with the 10 year old, although we've learnt to space visits out every couple of years (so overkill of the domes). For the smallest one, its still very exciting, she doesnt remember much from the last visit.

We ate lunch in the Eden Bakery, the new self serve restaurant, under my-kind-of flying critters. Food is prepared in the main section, and customers self serve a portion on a plank of wood, help themselves to a hanging cup, fill, eat & drink. At the end, and you tell the staff what you ate, & pay up - according to one of the staff  there is a 95% honesty rate.

And the food was delicious....

I so want some of thease....

And she so wanted one of these...

And there was den building for the boys...

We ran out of time, but will be back. The Eden project isnt a cheap ticket, but once registered, the tickets are valid for a year, and you can get a really good, activity packed day out of it, with no sneaky extras to pay for...

Then we headed off to Sam's on the beach at Polkeris. It is our favourite place to eat in Cornwall. The other half to Sam's at Fowey, it has been created out of a beautifully converted old Lifeboat house. Dinner looking out over the harbour. Bliss.

And waffles outside - now he really looks happy....

We squeezed every sun kissed last drop of the evening down at the tiny harbour, soaking it all up....

Precious days indeed - wonder what it'd be like at Christmas??



  1. What a wonderful post. We didn't get to Cornwall this year and I have missed it so much! Thank you for such lovely pictures......I felt like I did get to visit after all, and what a lovely feeling that is!

    Vanessa xxxxxxxxxx

  2. Youve made we want to pack my bags immedietely and just go! Shall we move to Cornwall ? (I have to admit I browse houses for sale in Cornwall weekly!) Do you fancy a meet up sometime before Christmas? Let me know. I haven't ever done Chez! xx

  3. what beautiful photos the light is super on the last few! I'd love to go to the eden project - it's on my list for one day!

  4. I went down to Cornwall for a week in December a few years ago, and it was absolutely heavenly! I do so love the place, and seeing your pictures just makes me want to go back again . . .

    Pomona x

  5. Cornwall is just magnificent. Looks like you had a grand time. :) xxx

  6. wow that looks fantastic, I really much go there one day.

  7. Waffles and chips - yum. I love the last sunset picture.

    Nina x

  8. How lovely! It's good to go back and think over the summer. I hope the new term is going well for you all, too.

  9. The Eden project looks like such a wonderful day out. Are you making plans for a Christmas get away?
    I have to say all the food in your post looks completely delish, esp those waffles!
    And don't your little ones look happy and healthy. And cute.
    Lisa x

  10. i have only just found your blog. I love it!!

    Great cornwall posts. I love it there. We are off to cornwall in October- can't wait xx

  11. What I would do to be in Cornwall right now! Beautiful pictures.....

    Lou xxx

  12. I was at Eden at long time ago ( 2001 at the first week ) it looks so good now .We have to go back

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