Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Sugar & Spice - All things nice.....

There's been a whole lot of baking & mess creating here at Twelve over the past 2 weeks.
From a Smurf Toadstool for my best friend's 5 year old....

To a mahoosive 72 cupcakes.
A 'Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning' for a very good charity was being held where G has his office, & my boss also retired last week (nothing to do with me!)...

::Lemon Meringue::

::Raspberry Pavlova::


::Chocolate Orange::

Yum! & surely there's 1of your 5 a day in each those fruit themed cupcakes....

I still find baking very enjoyable, even if the pleasure is not in the eating anymore.... And for my efforts, G brought home an apron he won at the coffee morning - Thanks babe! 

The 10 year old also had his school trip to Kelham Island in Sheffield last week. There were requests for 1940's style clothing and strict instructions on a WW2 pack up for lunch. Thank goodness for Grandads gardening flat cap & Uncle T's wooly socks....

Now my boy is growing, he has hollow legs when it comes to food. So I kinda knew that even with a thick white bread & jam sandwich, and the biggest English apple I could find, it would not keep him going till tea time. So after an internet search on baking WW2 recipes, we decided to have a go at grated carrot (& my finger) biscuits. They were surprisingly passable, and even his friend's ate them - or they may have just been hungry too....

So lunch was all tied up in paper & string, and packed into a paper bag.

Ahhhh, look at him racing into the car - eager to go on his trip... No way had he just told me to 'give over mum with the camera'.  No, he never would, not after all the effort I'd put in...




  1. Firstly.......LOVE the toadstool cake. Never mind for a 5 year old, I want one of those for my next birthday! And the other cakes? To die for. Glad I wasn't there otherwise I would be the size of a house by now!

    I had to send one of my sons to school last week dressed as a Victorian boy with the basics for a lunch. He was so hungry, and so glad he never lived in that era, he said there would have been no way he ever would have survived! ha ha!


  2. What incredible baking! I am so impressed.

    Loved the 1940s boy, too - and I know one boy over here who'd be very interested in carrot biscuits! He's currently trying to perfect his recipe for carrot cake, and would be intrigued to know that carrots have yet more permutations...

  3. Your cupcakes are incredible!! So cute! The toadstool is just the cutest thing ever!!

  4. That toadstool cake is seriously fabulous!!

  5. oh wow those cakes are just so gorgeous! Just look at that cute smurf cake!

  6. oh that toadstool cake is just fab! Those cupcakes for SURE contain one of your 5 a day....! Love the sparkly glitter galore, marvellous stuff!

    BH x

  7. Your cake making skills are IMMENSE!!!!! I bet the Kelham Island trip went well - I love Kelham Island. Tell him he looked fabulous!!!

  8. Oh my word - look at all those cakes. The toadstool is amazing though I wouldn't want to slice into it, so lovely it looks.

    We've done the whole Egyptian, Victorian and WWII was last year - this year for secondary (year 7) I've been told it's medieval - peasants and the noble!

    Glad I rocked with the spider and as for lollies - I may give it another go. So nice to know I'm not the only one that stock piles the chocolate!

    Nina x

  9. Those cupcakes look just absolutely FAB-YOU-LUSS! (to quote Craig Revel Horwood from "Strictly..."!

  10. Oh my!!!! Please can I come live with you ;) Your baking is tremendous :) And as for the 10 yr old, so adorably cute too. I am one of those parents that often forget to dress them in what they should be dressed in until last minute and then find myself scrambling around the house looking for suitable attire, he really does look authentic. Thanks for your lovely comments My'dear on my crying post, I think you are one of wisest women I *cyber* know :) So happy that many of us would hold out a hand too. Have a lovely weekend xxxx

  11. Those cupcakes look just absolutely fabulous. I also enjoy to cook cake in various way, I never cook cake your way, can 't wait to make soon.
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  12. WOW, fantastic cakes!

    doesn’t your son look fab, I don’t miss having to do all of that, my boys would tell me the night before.
    Lou xxx

  13. just gorgeous, those cakes look amazing.

    Love the pick of your war time son. Sandwiches look so tempting wrapped in paper & string. Much nicer than clingfilm. I've taken to wrapping my husbands sandwiches in some white paper bags I found in Asda. They make the sandwiches look really nice, even if they are clingfilmed underneath!

    Hope all is well with you