Friday, 2 December 2011

Back to Life, Back to Reality

I dropped the ball labelled blogging - just for a while, just till I got used to juggling the balls that are part of being a mummy, wife, homemaker and nurse again.

After a 3 month break from work, I'm back. Nearly a stone lighter, rested & blood sugars nicely controlled, I feel the best I have done for years. The overwhelming feeling of exhaustion has gone. Its been a funny few months, but I consider I am lucky, its been a wake up call to look after myself, not just those around me.

And its good to be back at work. I have a job I love, its stressful but rewarding beyond measure, I get as much as I give, and feel privileged to be a small part of peoples lives at a difficult time.

I felt rudderless without work, I am so used to having a pattern, a rhythm to my days. I now realise that a big part of me is defined by my job, I've nursed now, for longer than I haven't. I missed my colleagues, the social chit chat & humour (we have that by the bucket load) & my patients, their families.

One of the blessings of my time off, has been looking at my work home life balance. I am fortunate to work within a very supportive team, and am now working my 4 days over 5. This means that in January I will be collecting the smalls from school each & every day. No more after school club pick ups at 5.30pm, & the pressure to get through tea, homework, baths & brownies/scouts before the 8pm bedtime.

Now I will be able to balance doing a job I love, with having good quality time with the people who mean the most to me in my life. How good is that?!

October & November have also been deliciously busy months - We've celebrated the changing seasons  

My beautiful girl turned 8 - Celebrating with a vintage tea party & decorating cup cakes....

And my amazing boy, well he is now a still Lego obsessed 11.

And as life settles back down, and Christmas approaches, I am looking forward - looking at shaping Twelve into the home we want to be in, looking into making life simple & good. Looking forward to balance.

Do you want to join me? I so hope so!



  1. Welcome back - its great to see you - and looking so well!!! Take time to enjoy the smalls as you will blink and they will be off! The work/life balance bites us all at some stage. Lovely photos. xxxx

  2. good to see you, and happy you are feeling more balanced.

  3. Hello there, lovely to see a post from you and your cute little ones. Great cakes!
    Work/life balance is a hard one to get right isn't it. So pleased to hear that work is going well and you are feeling well too.
    Enjoy this special weekend!
    Lisa x

  4. ((((((you)))))) I'm all for finding some balance xx

  5. I agree,fantastic cakes,My son loved lego