Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Forty @ Twelve

This weekend I turned 40. 

Yep, that's me, captured by a very clever friend. Looking like the love child of Miss Piggy & Kermit in my green mac (a patients relative once told me I looked like Shrek too....)

Friend's have turned 40 before me, there have been parties, limo's and wild tales to be told. 
However I opted for a quieter weekend, after the past few months I had a strong sense that I wanted to 'keep it real'. To be with those I know the best, love the most. Who know me the most.

Small children were beyond excited.

Mum & Dad (feeling old!). 

Conversation's with my brothers.

Messages from my sister, thousands of miles away.

A meal in my most favourite grown up village pub.

I gathered together my closest friend's, those who have known me forever, who have grown through adulthood with me. There was a girlie night out at the local Chinese, plenty of coffee, tea and nattering. Plenty of laughing & reflecting.

Delicious gifts from friend's old & new....(thank you Lisa x)

Some people dread their 40th Birthday, some say its the new 30...

I hope not. I'm embracing it all the way.

The years of being 30+, babies, feeding, toddlers & tantrums. Lack of sleep, feeling so very tired. Old challenges now behind me. Life is a huge journey, and I'm excited to be looking at life in a refreshed way. These will be the years my children will be nurtured into adulthood. My G & me, keeping hold of what brought us together in the first place, not losing sight of each other. New challenges to face. Plans being made, adventures to be had, memories to make & capture.

It's all good. 



  1. Belated Very Happy Birthday!!!! And guess what - it gets even better in your 50's so sooooooooo much for you to look forward to! Sending you loadsa love. xxxxx

  2. Belated birthday wishes. Sounds like you have a had a memory making time with those you love the most:)

  3. happy birthday wishes, sounds like you've had a lovely time xoxo

  4. Hi Lydia - and Happy Birthday in retrospect! I do like the sound of your birthday celebrations, and your super little model!

    I have found the first few years of being in my 40s stunningly good. You're right that your 30s can become a huge juggling act, and I for one found myself totally incapable of stopping to look at what I was actually doing and what I really wanted. Perhaps I've actually 'grown up' in the very best way over the last few years - it turns out that what I have is what I want, but I wasn't taking the time to enjoy it all - up until now! Have a fantastic decade.

  5. HI welcome to the 40 club ! i turned 40 in August - it was a weird time and must admit to have a bit of a wobble just the once but have embraced it and feel like I'm finally a "grown up" !
    I'm with you on the 30's ! mine was filled with having both children and all that entails!
    happy belated birthday
    Lesley x

  6. Happy belated Birthday sweetie and welcome to the 40's it's not so bad eh? ;) Looks like you had a good time and that's always a good thing and well deserved xx

  7. Happy belated birthday lovely....So many ups and downs in my 30s...bring on the 40's I say ;) Not long to go for me. I think you have it just right and so happy you did what you wanted with those who you care about, and indeed care about you too! xxxx

  8. Well, when you put it like that ;)....maybe a little try on wouldn't hurt....xxxx

  9. Good job I didn't actually have a mouthful of tea when I read the Miss Piggy line otherwise it would have been all over the computer screen!
    Sounds like you had a very special celebration.
    Lisa xx

  10. I love your enthusiasm for being 40 (Happy Birthday wishes to you too for that) ~ and why not embrace it all?! I think the author Sark once wrote that the opposite of getting older is newer, and I really like that means we get to do what we want to do with our lives more fully, to be adventurous and wild instead of suddenly buying beige jumpers and becoming boring. Not that I can imagine that ever happening to you!! Hats off to you, have a wonderful year!

    Much love, Julia x x x

  11. Birthday wishes to you. My 40th is in January. People keep saying to me how bad it is to be forty, but I am looking forward to it. I am glad that you have done as well.

    Wishing you a wonderful year ahead.


  12. happy belated 40th birthday,same day as my daughter,hope you had a great time!lots of love,juliexxx