Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Camper Jam 2012 aka Mud Fest

If anyone would have told me 10 years ago I would be going to Camper Jam - I would have laughed, rolled my eyes & said I gave up camping when I left Guides....

Last Friday I put my new found long distance driving skills to good use, and drove myself and the Little Miss to a Hotel (*) near Weston Park, where Camper am 2012 was being held. Letting the boys set up camp in Brightside.

We are ladies who like to stay in style.... (Not quite ready to get under canvas)

I think the conversation went along the lines of... 'Yes Daddy the Hotel is very nice, I've put the bar of soap in my bag already - Hello Big Brother, its nice & warm here, how about you in the camper??? Wahhahhhhaahaaaa!'

Saturday saw us arrive to fields of Campers, horror stories of vans being towed on & off the pitches due to the wet ground, and claims of a good nights sleep & barbecued gammon for breakfast.... 

Wake up Brightside, surely it wasn't that bad???

Under skies that could not decide whether to shine or rain, we walked through the fields of fellow campers

To the display area. 

Matching Tear Drop Trailer anyone???

Little Miss - Oh yes please, I like the flowery bedding....

Grey Camper anyone?

Me - Oh, please please please - It matches the front door
G - Eyes Roll......

There was a red Split selling Olive's & Italian Lemonade

A stall with the loveliest name....

And all sorts of collectables to add to your Camper, some more interesting than others....

And then the heavens opened....

I felt sorry for the traders & the visitors.... The land was a washout, people couldn't get to the stalls safely & stock was getting damaged. It was as close to Glastonbury as I will ever get....

As soon as there was a break in the rain it was back to Brightside to dry off.  Lo and behold a miracle occurred (2 actually), the sun started to shine again, we opened the sun roof, and G washed up!

Sibling Love - Part One
Look cute whilst strangling Big Brother

Sibling Love - Part Two
Attempt to post Little Sister up through Sun Roof (I think she may have found some dirt...)

What happens when you bounce in a Camper

Sadly the rain & mud put paid to the Sunday Day visitors, after the event organisers were told by the Land owners that they would not allow any more people in, as the grass would need to recover for a big music festival in 4 weeks....

It was such a shame as so many people had gone to a lot of trouble, travelling hundreds of miles, looking forward to what is usually the biggest VW event in the country. I left on Saturday evening with Little Miss, but G said here was a really good feel to the evening events....

Yet despite the mud & rain (& dodgy toilets) it was a really event, if you have one near you, its worth taking the children, there is always a good family feel, everyone is welcoming, and lots to look at and do, stories told, info to be swapped.

The 11 year old's T shirt says it all - OCD Obsessive Camper Disorder - I tell you, it's contagious. Would you like me to tell you the story of why & how Mr Brightside became our bus? He is now very special to us (especially G).

(*) Hotel was free on G's travel points, a plus side to having a husband who is away a lot (oh, & a bed all to ones self...)

ps. Do you like the Puck Caravan?


  1. I'm going to show my little girl this post after school (she'll never get ready if I show her now),she's got things thing about camper vans!

    I don't do camping. Nope. Not a chance. Husband often suggests it. But after I threaten divorce, I always say the say 'hotels were created for a reason. Why camp when you can go 5 star?' valid arguement!

    gorgeous photos.


  2. Oh my god the mud!!! Jesus that's wet! I love the tear drop trailer, just gorgeous. I can see why you've got the bug :)

    Jo x x

  3. I think I want to marry Mr. Brightside!!!! Poo about the rain but looks like a lovey time was had :) Think my ideal would be pitching up a tent in a hotel suite, best of both worlds, ha ha ;)))) xxxx

  4. Another really lovely post, full of happy smiles despite the rain and mud. The event looks like it would be really good fun. Drooling over the sweets and the picnic hampers. Oh and that little teardrop trailer is so cute!

  5. Wow!!!! Lots of lovely campervans!! Looks like a great, fun event, at least the rain didn't stop it happening!!
    Thanks for your kind comments, and have a great week & weekend!!

    Sharon xx

  6. Look at all those gorgeous campervans! Such a shame that the rain caused problems. I love those campervans, but I wouldn't want to sleep in one. It would be the hotel for me too!

  7. Its such a pity the weather was so bad, it looked like a fantastic day out. Your two seem to be having a great time regardless of the rain!

  8. Camper fab, but 'oh my' all that mud!

    I'd be torn between sleeping in comfort, but all that squelchy stuff - I think think the comfort would win out in the end...just.

    Nina x

  9. Just found your blog through Gillian's blog. I.love.Your.Blog. Just spent ages reading through your old posts and look forward to getting to know you. Take care, love Lorraine xx

  10. oohh stop with your camper photos, we are looking for one at the moment - I NEED a camper before the kids are too old to drag to the beach in it :-)

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