Sunday, 19 August 2012

Cornish Tales

Twelve went to Cornwall and.....

:: Discovered new beaches (Sennen Cove) ::

:: Gathered Hearts ::

:: Built Towers ::

:: Teeny Tiny Sea Glass ::

:: Built Sandcastles ::

& Cornish Pasties

:: Body Boarded ::

& Wave Bobbed

:: Lunched at Charlies in Charlestown ::

:: Mooched & Purchased in Atishoo Gallery (Charlestown) ::

:: Built Dens in The Eden Project ::

:: Watched The No Fit State Circus at The Eden Project :: 

:: Ate woodfired Pizza at Polzeath ::

:: Dipped candles at the St Eval Candle Company ::

:: Photographed ::

 :: Gained a Hitch Hiker ::

:: Found a Grey Door ::

 :: Splidged in PJ's ::

::  & had the first Mummy & ..... written in the sand ::


  1. Lovely memories of Cornwall....
    we still have many, but I love watching other folk gathering their own...Sennen is a gorgeous place.
    Take care

  2. just gorgeous. I love Cornwall, we haven't been back for a while. Think it might be time next year.

  3. Oh just look at those lovely photos. So many lovely holiday memories. Love the concentration on S's face when dipping the candles. And them both in their PJ's. Charlie's looks like the ideal place to lunch!
    Looks like you and Diane both fell in love with Sennen Cove!
    Lisa x

  4. what a beautiful place, thanks for sharing your memories x

  5. How beautiful! Looks like a perfect holiday:)

  6. Oh, I wish I had been there too!

    Pomona x

  7. Wonderful photos, what a busy and fun holiday you had. So many happy memories crammed in to one break.

  8. I truly think that Sennen Cove secretly holds the record for sunniest place in England! Loved meeting you Lydia. xxxxxx

  9. What beautiful pictures, you've made me feel very excited for our holiday in Cornwall next week. My 7 year old is desperate for a go at bodyboarding- I think she is a good enough swimmer now, so will probably treat her.

    Glad you had such a lovely time!

    Thankyou so much for your very kind donation, it means such a lot. I can't back out now!

    Charley x

  10. Wow, looks good! I've not been to Cornwall in years! Ada :)

  11. I'd really love to go to Cornwall but am put off with the long drive and children who don't travel well!! You live further away than us being in Derbyshire, how do you manage it?! lol

    Lovely pics, looks like you had a fab holiday.


  12. It looks like you all had a wonderful time, in such a lovely part of the world too.

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