Sunday, 2 September 2012

The end of the Big Hush



It's been all too quiet here at Number 12.

Since our return from Cornwall the children have been at home for just 4 sleeps as school holiday's are juggled alongside G & I working. G has also clocked up a week in Germany & just over a week in Canada in the past 3 weeks.

In the past I've often loved the silence, the chance to get on & do in peace & quiet. But this time I've found it hard. I've underestimated how after a difficult day at work, conversations about play ground friends & Pokemon from the Small's provide a balance to the days palliative care conversations.
I've felt a little lost from the usual routines, and envious/sad/guilty at listening/reading about others times with their children. I don't know if this has a lot to do with my 11 year old starting seniors in a couple of days. It doesn't feel like two minutes since he would be sitting on the toilet with his feet dangling far above the floor. Now he's like Bambi - long limbed & awkward, and about to embark on a whole new experience.

I've even missed G, usually I am pretty independent in coping without him, he's always travelled with his job, ever since we first started courting. I'll digress & tell you a story....

After a particularly long stint away my son, then very small came toddling into the bedroom. A blotto almost under the covers G had arrived back in the night.
With a squeal my little one shouted "Mummy there's a strange man in bed"
" No darling, that's your father" I replied **

We had part of the bank holiday weekend together, just me & G. We pottered through some of the jobs that I needed him to help with - Loft Clearing. Reminiscing through boxes of CD's. G had more CD's of shame, my collection was defiantly more eclectic & random, but together they charted the past 20 years of our lives.
And we Sunday breakfasted out, at the little French Cafe in town, feeling terribly grown up & pampered....

Then for the rest of the week I was home alone. I pottered &mooched/mopped, but didn't really achieve much, just worked & made my way through the biggest pile of ironing. Waiting for Friday.

Now Friday has been & gone. My Small people are back & so is G. They have had a good time at Grandma & Grandpa's. Life is back to its normal rhythm. The cyclo cross season has started & the 11 year old has gained his first war wound of the season. I have pile of muddy lycra to wash. The 8 year old squeezed every drop out of Saturday playing with the  girls from next door. It's noisy again.

It's good. The end of the Big Hush.


* New Winter Shoes for my girl
**(whilst having wishful thoughts I'm sure)


  1. Ooh, yes, it's a bitter-sweet feeling to have the children away. I'm glad you've had that time (especially the French café break!) but I'm glad your children are home now. Thanks for your comment - it's all happening now, isn't it?

  2. Well, lovely thought provoking post.
    I spend a lot of the summer months alone and to be honest, get rather low....
    But then Geoff has the whole winter not working...and that's wonderful!!
    Hope the first school week goes well
    Take care

  3. I want some of those red shiny shoes! I always used to hate it when my husband was away, and it happened quite often. We would always have some sort of crisis like dogs attacking hens, an invasion of mice, etc, which really counted as a boy's job, and I would be totally exhausted and stressed out by the time he came back!

    Pomona x

  4. Those shoes are wonderful! I love them and want a pair too. I often can't settle when the house is too quiet. It seems with kids that I crave the quiet, then don't know what to do with myself when it arrives.

    Your fancy french breakfast looks divine, by the way! x

  5. Glad your family is back safe and sound! Enjoy each other! My eldest too is off to senior school, all very strange, where's my baby gone! Ada :)

  6. I think that's why I have a love/hate relationship with when Girly is at school. The house is far too quiet (and tidy, but I rather like that part).

    I love it because I can get on and I am happy in my own company, but then I think how I really could hear a pin drop and that is when I miss her more than anything.

    Love those shoes!


  7. I have deep shoe envy!
    I may not like my job very much, but I am very thankful to have it because it means that I am incredibly lucky to be able to have the summer break of with the children. Although some days I do wish I was at work! It's all about balance isn't it.
    Will be thinking of you all this very important week.
    I love the idea of breakfast out together, we managed Tesco cafe this morning, nowhere near as chic as your French place!!
    Take care
    Lisa xx
    p.s. There is a letter here waiting to go off.

  8. If I could have only 1 pair of shoes they would be shiney red ones!! Gorgeous!

  9. Love the red d'hôtes, but alto lové thé breakfast!!!



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