Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Danger - Domestos Goddess in Action

Sometimes I like to have a little domestic moment, and whilst pondering my way through Good Housekeeping (well it's the thought that counts...)

Dreaming about hopping into a lovely 'well dressed' bed such as this....

I came across this handy article, of problem solving hints. Including how to deal with a mouldy washing machine

At this point I have too state that my machine does not smell, but it does gather grey gunk, which it always kindly shares on the white wash...

This according to Good Housekeeping, is due to the environmentally friendly low temp washes & non bio powder.

Mmmm time for a bit of domesticity...

Out comes the non environmentally friendly bleach, in it goes into the washing machine, on an electricity munching 90 degree wash.

Oh yes, I can just feel my domestic halo gleaming, as I set about having the sparkliest washing machine on the street....

I also now have a bleached floor....

And a somewhat bemused husband who was the recipient of a photo text & a wail of 'look what the washing machine has done...'

& to top it all, I think the cats may have blonde paws for the summer....

Love Lydia xx


  1. Oh dear!
    I'm sorry, I don't mean to laugh but.............
    I know what you mean about the grey gunk and I too am guilty of using the very un-environmentally friendly bleach.
    At least you have a clean floor lol!
    Beki xxx

  2. Shouldn't laugh but.......I too have done that previously with the dishwasher! Know what you mean by gunky washing machines. Mine gets blocked up by the concentrate fabric conditioner so now have to use 2 in 1!!

  3. Ooops!
    Love the idea of your cats with blonde paws..
    Is that really Lorraine kelly on the front Page, does she look like that all the time now??
    Daughter's wedding is hurling towards us...less than 15 weeks to go now (where is she going with this, I hear you ask..)so, I've joined www.weightlossresources.co.uk It looks great, and goes by old fashioned calories not syns and fat. I used to love Slimming World but didn't get on with the on line version, not enough help!!I didn't feel as though there was much support, All I'm saying is take a look, they do a free trial and you can dip into it rather than wait for the weekly visit.
    Glad to see you back

  4. Hi, thanks for popping over to my blog. Have you tried putting the washing machine on a hot wash with just vinegar to run through - good for limescale. I have also used 'Service it'made by Dr Beckmann - its a few quid, but works really well on my machine - sparkling. I've never heard of using bleach before, maybe not - although the pics are funny x

  5. Oh No I have to confess that I have put bleach in my machine too! Thank fully not to the same effect! I now use white vinegar and soda crystals on a hot wash. I also do not use any liquid wash as that doesnt contain any bleach at all unlike powders that do and then they help to keep the machine clean. Soda crystals are great though on a hot wash.

  6. ooo i was all set to go and get the bleach and turn up the machine to 90 degrees but now im not sure LOL sorry shouldnt laugh but same as above have done it with putting normal washing up liquid in the dishwasher *embarrassed smile*
    will try the bleach anyway though as mine is a bit gunky !!!

  7. well i did it anyway and had a little bubble leakage but not to bad and the machine is nice and clean now although a bit bleach smelly instead of musty !!!

  8. Oh dear. I have the magazine, but didn't put the bleach in my wash....hmmm, I hope you got everything cleaned up OK?

    Hugs x

  9. the first lot of washing i did was sparkly clean!!!
    watched the last ER last night - was a bit emotional how sad am I ?!!! dont answer that ;-)
    greys anatomy made up for it though LOL

  10. i cant beleive you and G dont think its all real im very disappointed ;-)
    although if doctors in real life looked like McDreamy and McSteamy I would willingly harm myself to be treated by them ..............

  11. OOOooh good tip,but they don't tell you about the bleached cats, do they!!! Why shouldn't cats have their hair coloured anyway?!
    Have a great weekend, and thanks for your kind comments.

    Sharon xx

  12. I have a very stinky washing machine at the ,oment - Ive tried everything(except the bleach, and I think i'll give it a miss now thanks!!). I too am trying to lose a bit (well a lot ) of weight but its not much fun. I have done Slimmers World in the past, but I find classes interesting for about 4 weeks then extremely boring after that.
    So your off to Falmouth then - how lovely. We once had a holiday at Maenporth and also Helford Passage near Falmouth and we had a trip round that area whilst we were there recently. Its beautiful. Hope the weathers good for you.

  13. maybe you can pass off the cats paws as just 'sunkissed'???!!
    Happy anniversary too!
    BH x