Friday, 8 January 2010

Greeting 2010

2010 has arrived bursting with colour, a sense of new things to come, and a year full of promise.

Christmas was stripped back to basics and kept simple. For the little ones there was still that sense of excitement and we needed the normality after the loss of G's mum at such an emotive time of year. I also returned back to work Christmas week. It was bittersweet time, but important to return to what I do, and I have been so very well supported.

It was amazing what was achieved in a two week period, by keeping it simple. Thank goodness for Amazon & Argos for the little ones, and Thomas Pink for him. A quick luxury shop at John Lewis, followed by a day trip into our local town, to buy from the little independents, those special gifts, wrapped up the present buying.

The wooden nativity always makes my heart sing. It holds special memories of seeing it in a closed shop window in Matlock one evening, and G popping back the next day, knowing how much it would mean to me....

Other trims were simple, adaptations of everyday items....

This cake stand is still in use, too pretty to dismantle as a Christmas decoration only....

And I managed to rustle up a 'thingy' for the door - unfortunately no handsome strangers to grab under the mistletoe....

One of the simplest pleasures were these postcards, picked up in Holland, in November, when we flew out for G's Christmas work's weekend. Amsterdam is a beautiful city, and nothing like I had expected . I fell in love with the early 1900's illustrations.

Inspired by Bertie Meadows string of scented sachet's these snowmen postcards decorated the old pelmet space in the kitchen....

I want it to be a personal project for the year, changing the decorations with the months, adding colour and smiles to the room. Hopefully the little people will help too....

This week I was fortunatley off work - my plan was to tackle the post Chritmas domestic fall-out. However with the snow, a very poorly car, and 2 children to occupy for two days, the huge list I had wanted to achieve has been discarded. Instead it has been wet clothes & wellies, pink cheeks & lots of snuggles & splidging on the settee (in between the scratting & arguing of sibling love).

And instead of letting myself get ratty over what I haven't been able to achieve, I've stepped back, and refocused on taking pleasure in the simple things. Like tulips. Have I ever mentioned my love, love, love of tulips?

Yep, I love tulips. And Hugs. And pink cheeks & noses. Even wet clothes if they have been gained through laughter & joy.

Happy New Year to you all.

Love Lydia xx


  1. Lovely photo's. I too love tulips - a real sign of Spring. Mine I bought last week are on their way out, so must buy some tomorrow.
    Have a good weekend.

  2. Reading your blog has really made me smile. I love your dooor thingy creation.
    Thanks Mrs C x

  3. Hello Lydia

    Happy New Year dear soul, I love tulips too - they make my heart all skippy and happy whenever I see them!
    I also love the door decoration you made, its stunningly beautiful - clever you!

    Sending love your way, to you and your family.

    Julia xxx

  4. A really lovely post.
    I like the idea of decorating each month and I agree that some Christmas decs are just too nice to keep out for a couple of weeks.
    Your door 'thingy' is lovely too.
    Sounds like you have been havng some snowy fun. in between the scratting (like that word, never heard it before).
    Hope this new year is a happy one for you all.
    Lisa x

  5. Your home looked really stylish with all your bits and bobs. I'm all for a bit of pairing down - so many benefits!! (especially for the mummy!!) Tulips are one of my favorites too - I love the colours and varieties, but I also love how they start out as lovely neat cute little bunches, then end up all gangly and wayward in the vase - just like kids growing into teenagers! Lots of love and keep wrapped up and warm. xxxx

  6. What a lovely post, the colour of the tulips is so vibrant. take care x

  7. Happy NY...;)
    I saw the green ones, but they only had size 3 left, other wise I would have bought both pairs, they really are very comfy!

  8. Happy New Year, It's good to see you back and what a lovely post.
    Thought i'd help you with blogging, so I've tagged you come and see.

    Joanne x

  9. Will let you know about the Calm book. Am half way through and still haven't hit the bit about techniques and how to acheive calmness.Only one bit I have found useful as yet. But don't want to skim read in case I do find something else of use!
    Will keep going, calmly.
    Lisa x

  10. I bought tulips today and thought of you :-)
    keep away from those cupboards ;-) Lx

  11. Lovely photos, your daughter looks lovely in pink. Miss P has had quite a bit of time off school because of the snow. Plenty of fun sledging and building snowmen but not much else getting done.
    Our snow is beginning to melt now..

    Have a lovely weekend
    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  12. Ohooo Lydia what a beautiful photograph of your daughter, one for framing I think. Well the snow is fast disappearing here, so our little snowmen are melting fast, sad in a way to see them go.
    Your tulips look amazing, and a beautiful colour, a beautiful flower. I have never found out whether to prick them with a pin or not, sometimes I do, sometimes I don't....

    Hugs from me


  13. Mmmmmm maybe now I know :)