Friday, 29 January 2010

Now that I am One...


Today is my First Birthday in Blogland - and to celebrate a year of not quite drowning (and waving more than I thought I would), I thought I celebrate with a few cakes....

Little Miss's 5th Birthday & my first attempts at fancy fairy cakes...  

Opps! you might need to turn sidewards for this one

6 Months later & I am creating again for my Best Freinds daughter's 3rd Birthday....

I am getting better at the Cup-Cakes....

Do you want a closer peek?....

40th Birthday Cup-Cakes.....

Chocolate Orange

Tangy Lemon

Tinkerbell for Little Miss's 6th Birthday....

And Butterfly Cup-Cakes for all at her party....

And for my not-so-little man at 9?
A huuuge rocky road/crispy cake with a mean looking Transformer on top....

Well life isn't always about the sparkly!

Many thanks to all those who have stopped by, and for all the lovely comments and kind words sent over the past 12 months, it really has meant a lot....

Love Lydia xx

Ps - Will be doing a 1st Birthday giveaway - Leave your name if you want to be included. Will close on Sunday 7th February 


  1. You clever, clever girl....
    I'd love to be able to bake, my oven burns all the bottoms...
    Congratulations on surviving a whole year!!!

  2. Those cakes are spectacular - you are very clever indeed and they all look so yummy x Looking forward to another year of blogging x

  3. Happy Blogiversary!!! Your cakes are gorgeous!! What lucky children to have a mum like you!!!
    I celebrated my 1st blogiversary on 13 Jan, and really glad I started!! It's a great community, with loads of friendship, inspiration, and fun!!
    Have a lovely weekend : )

    Sharon XX

  4. AMAZING cakes! They really are clever - too good to eat!! (but I bet they tasted just as fab!)
    BH x

  5. wow can't believe your one! how quickly did that go?!
    your soooo good at the cakes - i hope you dont let anyone actually eat them!!!

  6. Wow! What fantastic cakes!
    x Steph

  7. Now if you'd like to box some of those cupcakes up and send them my way it would be much appreciated ;)
    Where does the time go, can't believe you're one and i'm over one.
    Hope you're well hunni
    Have a great weekend
    Beki xxx

  8. Wow! They are completely and utterly fabulous! I really love the Tinkerbell one and the rocky road oh and all the cupcakes! You have a real talent there.
    Thanks for the message about M and M, you are right about Melvin. Should I have a favourite cat?! He is sosweet.
    Lisa x

  9. Wow, those cakes look fantastic - I could eat all of those cupcakes!

  10. Happy blogiversary!
    Wow those cakes look fantastic, I can bake but I can't create anything like that well done.
    The cup cakes look delicious what times after noon tea?

    Here's to another good year!

    Joanne x

  11. 'Oh wow' - those cakes are amazing!!

    Happy first birthday too and warm, warm wishes for another year - and many more.

    take care and have a fabulous weekend,

    Nina xxxxxxxxxx

  12. What amazing cakes you bake you talented lady!! And its always a real pleasure to pop by. Heres to the next year!!xxxxxxx

  13. Your cakes look amazing , you are so very clever my cakes are lucky to get a bit of watery icing slapped on top x

    Happy bloggy Birthday x x

    Sara x

  14. Good grief Im spellbound!! You are one very clever cake artist, I am bowled over - I love seeing a good cake and yours are up there with the best!

    Love Julia x x x

  15. Happy blogiversary!
    I've just found your blog, and those cupcakes are fab! I've been dabling with cupcakes this last year too and they really do go down well with lots of people and since I'm not a naturally creative person feel very proud of myself when I've made some!
    Keep up the good work!

  16. Oh. My God. Will you be offended if I say you are *sickeningly* good? Oops I just did ;)

    Despite my rudeness pretty please could I enter your giveaway?! Congrats on the one year mark!

    Mel xxxxx

  17. What amazing cakes Lydia! Congratulations on your first birthday.

  18. Happy 1st birthday! There is no way I could let anyone eat those beautiful are clever!!!

    I must confess I brought my sons cake from the shop this year, bad mum.

    Love Lou xxx

  19. wow the cakes are fantastic!!
    congrats on your first year of blogging - i'm just lurking!


  20. Amazing cakes hon. I've made a few fairy castles over the years, my eldest turns 15 next week but don't think she's wanting a castle this year :) Mind you those cupcakes look mighty fine :)

  21. What wonderful, pretty and brilliant cakes, I attempted the barbie once, Mmmmm I think they are so girliy, I shall have to have another go one day. You are a master cake baker :)

    Happy Blog birthday, so glad there was more waving than drowning


  22. Yummy! Those cakes look amazing. I'll just have to make do with my plain old Victoria Sponge! Happy Blogiversary xx

  23. Wow - your cakes are amazing! I would love to make something really special for my daughters 3rd birthday so I'll be popping back for inspiration.

  24. Amazing cakes. I tried to make a cake for my husband recently. Ended up as very bad fairy cakes which I wrote on 'please teach me to bake'!