Sunday, 17 January 2010

A Weekend of Colour

Yippee & Woo-Hoo! The snow is gone, and finally it feels like there is colour everywhere. Blue skies above us here in North Derbyshire, without a snowflake in sight....

And green grass - I'd forgotten what the front garden looked like....

The little Miss & I have tinkered our way through the weekend ....

Taking pleasure in the mundane ....

Made flowers for....

Lemon Cup Cakes for a 21st Birthday ....

And Little Miss joined in to....

New glass storage jars with 50's ice cream parlour coloured lids, have been lovingly admired and filled....

and are sitting tidily, and very prettily into thier new home...

Squeaks of delight could be heard whilst looking at the Decopatch paper & glue that arrived via the nice Mr Postman - I can feel oodles of gluey sticky fun to be had....

And absolute utter delight at a certain bunch of tulips brought as a thankyou for making the Cup Cakes...

Just look at those colours. Snow? It's a distant memory....

Love Lydia xx


  1. What a delightful, cheerful, bright post. It has certainly bought a smile to my face.
    Love tulips, love cupcakes and may I say yours look very edible indeed and those storage jars are gorgeous.
    Hope your well lovely.
    Take care
    Beki xxx

  2. Aaahh colour, how I have missed it. unfortunately while there was a layer of snow in my garden it looked tidy, now it's thawing I'm reminded what a mess it is :(
    Loving the cupcakes, and all that glitter :D

  3. oh, oh, oh, !!
    What's in the pots?
    Did you make those cakes?
    Where did you get those jars from??
    So many questions
    So little time!!
    Love the tulips
    Love the colour...
    Really cheered me up
    can I come and live in your house, looks like you're having so much fun..??

  4. Oh, what a lovely bright cheery post! Those cakes look really scrummy!

  5. What a super colourful post! The cupcakes look divine and the tulips are what we all need right now. Some springtime, please!!

  6. So so ready for some colour. Eveything looks a bt dull at the moment. This is a great cheerful post. xxxxx

  7. a perfect weekend then.........

  8. A great colourful post - i want those glitter pots!

  9. A wonderful post filled with a riot of cheering colour, fabulous!
    Love the new storage jars.
    Lisa x

  10. Oh what a wonderfully cheerful post! Just the tonic today, as the fog is touching the floor (which at least we can see again haha) and its absolutely dreary here!!

    Thank you!

    Julia x x x

  11. I think we could all do with a bit of colour in our lives at the moment so thank you.
    Snow is heading our way again tomorrow, so don't think we'll be seeing a lot of colour over the next couple of days.

    Joanne x

  12. lovely yummy colours thank you !
    i just love tulips - well all flowers actually but tulips are a firm favourite and love that you are a fellow fan of flowers :-)
    only 2 more sleeps till Greys.......

  13. Ohoooo thank you for a cheery post, the colours are utter divine and as for the cakes, well simply gorgeous. Thank for your very kind offer, I would love you to part of my special kitchen, I really would, and so very generous of you. You can email me at

    Thanks again and hope you enjoyed your run :)


  14. Ohooo Lydia I have to laugh at what I put, for some reason I had Marathon in my mind when i was replying to you, and seemed to have thought you had come from doing a marathon, obviously you put that you had come back from a marathon day at work, Ohooo dear my mind is playing tricks, hope your marathon day at work wasn't too stressful.

    Ohooo dear am chuckling a little here


  15. Found my way over to your blog from Mary Poppins and it's a lovely blog! The colours are all so pretty and I would love to know where those jars came from! They are just beautiful! xx

  16. What a beautiful colourful post. I'm rather taken with those fabulous storage jars and tulips must be one of my favourite flowers!

  17. Hi Lydia

    Thanks v much for stopping by :)))

    What a gorgeous post, lovely colours! Your cupcakes look delicious, mmmm. My girls would be soooo envious of the new papers! And I am v jealous of the jars ;)

    Mel xxxxx

  18. hello ms diet police ;-)
    i resisted the biscuits dont worry LOL

  19. Hi Lydia - Those cakes look delish!! - Thank you for your comments on my post. When we moved from Filey, we looked for new premises in Doncaster for about 2 months, but didn't find anywhere suitable. The business is still very much running, but it is all online now! - Would you like me to send you the brand new Phoenix catalogue? - E mail address is on my blog - Natalie x