Monday, 1 February 2010

Inspired by....Bertie Meadows & a card....

Can anyone remember the postacrd bunting I made for Christmas?

It was inspired by a similar style bunting made the very lovely BertieMeadows. I wrote that I hoped to continue doing similar, changing through the year... I've been slow to change it, as I had grown rather fond of my bonnie snowmen....

But the snow is now long gone, and Spring is on its way. I've tucked the snowmen safely away, and inspired by this fabulous V&A card tried to create a happy colourful string of bunting.... The card uses an original watercolour and wallpaper sample from the mid 18th centuary.  

Without any fabulous wallpaper, I settled on some IKEA handmade paper that I had lurking in the wrapping paper stash. How much fun did I have? It gave me a lovely sense of peace to sit and quietly snip away, gathering and processing my thoughts form the day at work. Hands occupied and mind settled.

To get them to hang straight I resorted to ironing them flat & stiffening the paper a with some ehem, hairspray.

It worked, and all I had to do was thread them through some Spring Green organza ribbon....

And ta-da! A row of Tulips cheerfully greeting the spring sunshine.... & a little bit of creating for me....

Looking forward to finishing the February bunting, I have a feeling it will be heart-stoppingly pretty....

Thankyou all for your lovely comments on my cakes in the last post - so very kind! I almost had delusions of giving up the day job.... & if anyone else reading would like to enter for my birthday givaway, please just leave your names - the more the merrier!

Love Lydia xx


  1. They are so pretty - is spring really coming? honestly? we keep getting more snow :(

  2. Your new tulip garland is just fab, so cheery!
    You have also introduced me to a new blog to add to my reading list.
    Melvin is becoming very affectionate, as soon as I go to bed at night he's in the room sat waiting to jump up for a snuggle!
    Looking forward to seeing your February garland.
    Lisa x

  3. I LOVE that idea! It looks so bright and sunny and cheerful, my house could do with just the thing! Thank you for sharing the gorgeous idea and pics with us! Have a great day! xxx

  4. Oh...I say!!...
    That is fabulous...
    So simple..but so effective!!
    Now, where can I find some paper.....
    Thank you for your comments

  5. There's something so wonderfully childlike playing with paper isn't there? Although for mr it would normally include glue not hairspray 'hehe'.
    They look so pretty, think I might give some hearts a go later, yes I know...........copy cat.
    Hope you're well lovely.

    Beki xxx

  6. What a fab job - it's so cheery for this time of year!

  7. That is a brilliant idea, its very pretty and makes me think of spring, just around the corner! Well done!!

    Julia x x x

  8. Oh it's lovely very pretty, and what a great idea to create a new one every month, to welcome the changing seasons.
    Bertie x

  9. Ooh lovely!
    I have to say your cakes on the previous post were just fabby.
    See, these are the things us women would rather be doing with our time. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog!
    Ali XX

  10. I love the Spring theme and very cheery indeed.

    take care,

    Nina x

  11. Oh I love the flowers, they look gorgeous!

    Mel xxx

  12. oooo i love it !! how clever are you - now you can have tulips all year round :-)
    and had to say how kind you were to send that lovely fabric to Mrs Poppins - can you tell me what the pillowcase is called as i cant find it on the CK website (am just looking out of interest of course.... haven't got my debit card to hand at all ..... ahem ;-) ) Lx

  13. Hi Lydia,
    Thanks for the lovely comment.
    Your spring garland is lovely, and completely original! Very pretty.

  14. I love this! I also just saw your cake post - Happy 1st Blog-day and WOW is all I can say about your cakes. Fantastic. Write a book, please!

  15. Hello there - thanks so much for your kind comment on my blog. I've really appreciated coming over here and reading your posts - lovely garlands and fantastic cakes! I shall be back.

  16. Big ((((hugs)))) to my fellow Gleek ;) Turn that sound up and sing along, loud and proud x

  17. What a truly wonderful and colourful idea that is!

  18. Hiya honey , hope you are well ? Thanks for the comment you know how much i love pretty things ;)

    I love your tulip bunting x
    Sara x

    p.s. i have to say it again your cakes are fab x x

  19. Hi Lydia, Many thanks for my mags - I sent you an email, did you get it? The garland is so lovely - but I'm afraid the tulips are not going to be out for real anytime soon as they have forecast even more snow! - Yours will keep me going until then! The dancing queen did shoot all her video in SHeffield - I think it makes Sheffield look fairly cool! xxxxx

  20. Lydia, what a beautiful garland. Thank you for sharing the idea.