Tuesday, 23 March 2010

I have had to Pause in Lent for weeks 2,3,4 (& even 5 is now late)

Hello. Very bad blogger here. 4 weeks without posting. A bit one sided. Taking pleasure from others blogs. Not offering back. 

Unfortunately I had picked up a bug - not flu, but whatever it was has taken a while to shake off, and I have felt lousy for the past 3 weeks. The warning signs were there. I was feeling really tired, a bit antsy, and  running on autopilot - that sense that you are exisiting, but not having time to feel. Work had gradually started to run away from the 30 hour week to full time + hours. I was leaving before the little people were going to school, and arriving home after they had gone to bed. My five-a-day was coming from the large packets of Jelly babies (well they do contain real fruit juices) being consumed as I dashed from one place to another.

Unable to sleep due to an over busy mind, I even got up at 4.30am one morning to work my way through the ironing pile - It was that or go to work nudey rudey....

So come the week of my annual leave - when I had planned to tackle the house work, get some organisation done, and be a better mum, my body went


It has been a case of physician heal thyself.

So for the past 2+ weeks I have slept lots, pottered, rather than trying to work my way through unacheivable lists. I admitted defeat when the bug went on my chest & I was coughing like I was on 40 park drive a day, and went to the GP for antibiotics. I acknowledged I wasn't well enough to work, and took time off.

And I have thought, reflected and pondered.

In amongst all this, there has been some truley delightfull highlights. Above is the card from Angel - my swap partner in Michela's Venus swap - guess what my theme was?

I never really understood peoples facination for Yankee Candles until Beki sent me a Sweet Violet Tart as a congratulation gift last year - (then I did get it!) So I was delighted to recieve this candle - luxury!

& some Rose scented bath products to pamper myself with (well needed), and finally, my very favourite Rose Creams - Scrumptious indeed.

Thankyou so much Angel!

There has also been some Birthday Baking occurring. Firstly for one of our team at work - Lemon and Lime Cup Cakes. They looked so happy and spring like, and tasted delicious if I may say so myself, with mouth wateringly tart buttercream icicng.

My sister also has a birthday party, so I baked again, making the same Lemon & Lime Cup Cakes, however I used fuschia pink foil cases, to tie the theme in with her chocolate rocky crispy cakes that were finished off with a sprinkle of fairy dust to match....

I cannot explain how much I enjoy baking at the moment. It is such a simple pleasure.

Another lovely suprise to arrive in the post was this 'Thankyou' parcel from Lisa, who won my 1st Birthday giveaway. Juicy Lucy card!

Who me? Surely not!

It was a huuuge chore to eat this....

And new flip flops! In a large size! Lisa thankyou, you must have done your reading to know I have big feet & love my flipflops...

And finally this floral cuff bangle - so ready for summer now...

One of the good things about enforced slowing down, is that it has really given me time to hear my children. We have talked & listened to each other. With G being away for nearly two weeks in Taipai, I have had the 9 year old attention, which has been lovely, spending more time with him.

Several weeks ago I was thinking through my Pause in Lent 2 post. I had wanted to know what Lent & Easter meant to the children. The 9 year old, suggested that he give up school for lent, however I suggested this wouldn't be workable. He did say that it was sad that Jesus died, and that it wasn't all about chocolate, but more interestingly, he said he liked Easter, because I did things with him, like the Easter tree & Egg hunt. I was expecting great views from the 6 year old, as she is a proper mini praiser, however she threw a strop, so I never found out what Easter meant to her...

I have also learnt a lot from reading others posts. Floss, you have an amazing sense of grace in your writting, and Madhouse wrote about giving up shouting - why did I not think of that? So inspired, I have had a really good try at it myself - & goodness it takes some patience to keep repeating calmly when under pressure. I think it may be starting to work though.

Today I returned to work. I will try & get the balance back. I will look after myself better, so as I can look after others. I will enjoy being in the moment. Taking pleasure in the simple things.

Bathfoamed snowball baby.

& I will leave the Jelly Babies alone.

Love Lydia xx


  1. Your bathfoam baby is a real cutie!
    Very pleased to read that you are feeling well enough to return to work.
    Your cupcakes look as deliciously scrumptious as ever.
    So pleased the flip flops fit!
    Keep taking care of yourself.
    Lisa x

  2. Nice to see you back posting, the cupcakes look really good, you have a real knack for the baking, take care x

  3. Jelly Babies!! You made me laugh with that!
    I do hope you are feeling much better now, those bugs are quite debilitating and I think sometimes they're the only way to really Stop Doing aren't they. I love all the Rose goodies, what a gorgeous scent that is!
    Sending you daily scoops of time to replenish and look after yourself, and lots of love.

    Julia x x x

  4. Your post is lovely,pleased you are feeling better,sometimes you just have slow down in life and take things easy (not always possible)i know. Your cupcakes look so yummy, (wouldnt last 5 seconds in my house) clever you! your babies have a super mummy, take care. hugs xx

  5. Hi Lydia, I am so glad that you are feeling better!! I was getting a little worried as you had been so quiet!!!
    I am so pleased that you liked your swap parcel - I am, as I type sniffing the gorgeous scent of satsuma body butter wafting up from me as I move!! I am sooo glad that you chose to send it to me!!!
    Those cupcakes look amazing, they are really pretty, and lime and lemon - yummy!! I LOVE anything to do with lime!!!

  6. So sorry that youve been - as we say in these parts - " A bit badly"!! When my kids were little, I used to have a really high pressured job, and I too was supposed to do 30 hours, but working Sundays and evenings Mon- Wed. This often used to turn into early morning finishes (the joys of 24 hour banking!!!) I used to run on Adrenalin - and then when it came to my days off - when I slowed down, I used to feel really ill. I think it was because I wasn't producing Adrenalin on these days. I did eventually give the job up - I would have been divorced, or dead or both if I had continued. I hope you manage to get the balance right. xxxxxxx

  7. Glad to hear you're feeling better hon. Our bodies are good at telling us enough is enough and it is always good to listen to it ;)

    My 9 year has been going on about our annual Easter Egg hunt for ages and I really didn't feel up to doing it but her enthusiasm has reminded me that I'm building wonderful memories for her to always hold on to.

    I made a carrot cake for pudding tonight, does that count as one of my 5-a-day like your Jelly Babies? :)

  8. Poor you...I'm so sorry you've been poorly and overdoing it...I know it's easy in the job you're in to give , give, give!! But you must think about youself and your family too!! Sermon over...
    I've decided to stop wishing I had all the gorgeous things I see on other folks blogs...ha,ha!!
    Hope you have a wonderful Easter..and enjoy... the .....moment!!!
    Bean is well..very big...well, Matt is tall so what can we expect..! Daughter suffering from BP in boots and a rash...so feeling apprehensive...everything else..fine!!
    Take care

  9. Hi Lydia! Sorry to hear you've been unwell, hope everything is ok with you now. Thank you so much once again for taking part to my swap and for exchanging with Janice such fabulous parcels.
    Your last picture is so sweet!
    Take care! xxx

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