Saturday, 23 June 2012

Strawberry Picking

Huuuuuge excitement here at Twelve
Our first Strawberries of 2012

3 Whole Strawberries

& 2 of the variety I particularly like.

I hope you are having a lovely weekend



  1. I hope you savoured them!
    Like the sound of the shower gel, must look out for that.
    Lisa x

  2. :o) Girl & I have just been out and picked a strawberry from her plant! She's so excited.

    Oh yes, I had to stay focused! Very easy to get totally and utterly distracted in Ikea. I got a couple of wine glasses amongst other things, and when I found that the fabric was self serivce, the husband had to hold me back, I was just dying to get rolling and cutting (worked in Habitat years ago, and loved measuring out fabric, less keen on having to work out how much fabric needed for curtains, Ijust liked the fun stuff).

    hope you are having a lovely weekend. I'm worn out, could do with another weekend to start immediately!


  3. ooooh yummy scrummy!
    enjoy :o)
    love jooles x

  4. ooh, you are lucky! the strawberries in my garden have been an almighty failure! May have to console myself by popping to Next...:-)

    BH x

  5. Hello! I thought you had given up on blogging, nice to have you back!

    I don't think Baslow has had a well dressing for quite a few years but there are still plenty in surrounding places!

    I can't view your posts properly at the moment - internet is not behaving and won't load any images. I'll pop back soon for a proper look at your '16 weeks' post.

  6. Oh yay - that's a fabulous haul. I normally try and split ours out equally between five.

    So that would be one for mummy and one for daddy and the kids can fight over the last one.

    Happy strawberry days,

    Nina x

  7. Lucky you - they look divine, I can almost smell them from here. Alas my strawberries are nowhere near yours - still tiny and a little water sodden to be honest. I may have to resort to the shower gel to get my strawberry fix :O)

  8. Yum,Yum,Yum!
    I hope you cut them up to make them very very small and tasted them properly.
    Oh who am i kidding, i would have wolfed them down!

  9. I love strawberries. The best is homemade strawberry milkshakes.

    -Zane of ontario honey