Tuesday, 10 March 2009

25 Things You Didn't Know About Me....

The lovely Beki-Marie soo kindly tagged me to do this....

So here goes; let me bare my soul....

1. I am the eldest of 5 (& had a foster brother) When out, M&D used to make us walk in a line - smallest up front with them - me at the back....

2. I have no desire for a large family....

3. I may live in Derbyshire, but I was born in Ilford- making me an Essex Girl....

4. I have always been blonde, but this winter went brunette - much to G's shock (I never pre warned him of my plans).

5. I am 5 8" and a size 12 trapped in a size 16/18 body - children! biscuits!

6. G bought me this Boden Coat for Christmas 2007, when I had lost a stone, I figured I'd only need to loose another 1/2 & it would fit perfectly - since then I've had my head in the fridge/biscuit tin & put all the weight back on (& some more if I'm really honest!)

7. I may be an Essex girl, but I live in flip-flops....

8. I do have some sparkly heels, but due to my size 8 feet & spending too much time in flatties, I sometimes need a size 9 - & they look like transvestites shoes next to my friends....

9. I have worn specs since I was 9 - I can see didly squat without them - although G does look even more attractive....

10. I have been married 10 years this year (so long as he doesn't see number 9).

11. I have no morals when it comes to chocolate & will eat the children's - citing medical or mental grounds.

12. I would have been a vegetarian if it wasn't for spaghetti bolognese & Burger King....

13. My senior school was in Bakewell.

14. I don't like Bakewell Tarts or Puddings

15. I love sparkly cushions, but can be very precious with them - lean on my favourites at your own risk...

16. I have a fear of heights, I get all nausea's.

17. I don't like any theme park rides - I really think I am about to die (& that just the toddler ones)

18. I am needle phobic & don't like vomit- which people find amusing, given my current job. It does however make me very caring to those I'm about to stab - opps! I mean gently cannulate, and I always make sure people have lots of anti sickness medication....

19. When I was 3 I bit a hole in my tongue & had it stitched whilst I was awake...

20. I like stripes, on the children & me, even though Trinny & Susannah say I shouldn't.

21. I love Paul Smith perfumes, they are really florally. Extreme has hints of violets in it, reminding me of childhood holidays in Devon & the little bottles of Devon Violet perfume my Nana would buy me....

22. I love listening to other peoples life stories.

23. I have a strong social conscience when it comes to shopping, and I know that I am lucky enough to be able to make an informed choice - so I do.

24. I was introduced to blogging purely by accident. My cousin is Cherry Menlove, and being nosey at what she was up to has led me here, to admitting publicly this final fact....

25. I Woo-Hoo away to The Killers, but I have to admit that I am a Dolly fan - Oh yes, I can sing along with the best of them to "working 9 - 5, what a way to make a living ... tum te tum te tum" ....

I am supposed to tag 5 more people, but lack the technical skills, so if anyone would like to do this of their own free will - please do so!!

Thanks Beki - its been fun!

Love Lydia xx


  1. So nice to get to know you,you are very honest and sound such fun best wishes Pat

  2. I can relate to so many of them that I won't bother listing.
    No.5 probably the most though except i'm only 5'5 and before Jack was a size 10. My downfall is cake, any cake will do, just can't get enough of it though lol.
    Beki xxx

    p.s along with Sindy, Dolly ROCKS!

  3. Flip flops,love them!! Live in them, but I find now my feet are so wide I can't get any pretty shoes to fit.........

  4. I love the flip flops and the cushion. It was good to hear more about you. I too am a size 12 trapped in a larger body! I can't imagine growing up with so many brothers and sisters, it must have been madness!

    Mel xxx

  5. i love these tags its great to find out more about people :-) my daughter would love you - her favourite song at the moment is Islands in the Stream - dolly parton and kenny rogers and we sing it at top volume in the car!!! i think because dolly is in Hannah montana every now and again so she is cool :-)
    i with you on the weight thing - lost 3 stone last year and put half back on OOPS!!

  6. oh and my "secret" musical confession is a love of barry manilow :-D

  7. love things like this, it really helps to get to know the writer better.
    I hope you can get to wear your Boden coat soon, I've got a tiny addiction (have three! ha ha ha, and always lusting over the newest ones) and have to say that they are well made and very comfy, and, just a little bit different.I've only ever seen one person wearing my dotsy winter coat from several yars ago(outraged!)

    Any luck visiting my diary yet? :O) You shouldn't have any troubles, as you already have a Blogger account.

    have a lovely evening xx

  8. Ahhhhh Dolly! We're related so it's no accident that we both love Dolly.

    Cherry x

  9. hi there:-)
    thanks for checking in on me :-)
    both children back in school today woo hoo - ive gone back to bed with my mini laptop and a new magazine i feel very lazy but hubby been away all week and as you know its hard work looking after sick children with no husband to help but friday tomorrow at last! school will give them the anti biotics and they both seem fine so keeping them off for 2 weeks just to give them their medicine seems a bit daft!! enjoy your "my day" tomorrow ;-)
    lesley x

  10. Ohooo I enjoyed that thank you for sharing some of your life with me :)

    Cherry's Cousin, how delightful, apologies if I am talking nonsense but didn't your cousin have the most delightful wedding, I am sure I read about it somewhere here in Blogland, may have even been on her own Blog, did you go, how lovely if you did

    The patchwork is coming along nicely, have cut 99 squares form DDs dresses, and nearly ready to sew the strips together. Your right holds very special memories as I can remember happy, happy times from each and every one of those pretty squares



  11. Thomas bag sounds great! Today he went out carrying Jess' shiney gold handbag lol!
    I've popped a little something in the post to you today so hopefully you will get it tomorrow.
    Have a good weekend
    Beki xxx

  12. Hey Lydia, thanks for offering to look out for a rolling pin for me, ive just discovered a great hardware store in my town which i think might have them! xxxxx