Monday, 23 March 2009

Back in Blogland

My computer has been poorly - something strange happened to it last week & G was away. Leaving me with limited access & no blogging facilities (& very ratty).

I've realised just how much I love Blog Land & all the sharing that goes on in it....

I've not been able to share my lovely flowers - look at the deep purple blue of the hyacinths (you'll have to imagine the smell as you walk in through the front door....)

Or the warm, sunny orange tulips....

Yippeely though, all is now sort of fixed. I can finally show my mummy's day breakfast in bed, by the 8 year old....

& sort of describe just how beside herself with excitement Little Miss was about the whole special day ....

I can also say I was beside myself with excitement to receive this....

& thrilled beyond words to get this lovely parcel from Lesley - including a crochet heart by herself. Oh yes, I will be the best accessorised Mac nurse ever!! Thankyou, thankyou Lesley for all the scrummy goodies - felt & ribbon to appear in a crafting project soon I hope! XX

There is a major source of stress occuring in my life at the moment - next week we are going to have a new kitchen fitted. I know I am a lucky girl to be getting one, and don't wish too sound an ungrateful minx. But why can't it be done in a day? and not the week before we go to Cornwall? Why will we have no water for 3 days? - requiring a decamp to M&D's (30 minutes away). How did it end up costing more than I budgeted for? Why did G & I fall out about where the knobs were on the hob? Where am I going to put everything whilst its being done? How will I pack round it all? How will I manage to work 4 days as well without losing my marbles?

Yet as I reflect, typing all this, I look at the last picture I have to share. My cards from my babies, and in the mirror, my Doug Hyde Smiles.

The news over the past few days of the loss of Natasha Richardson & Jade, mummy's to boys who shouldn't have to experience loss at such young ages, Mums who have lost their daughters. The postings of those who are without their mums, or have their Angel babies on their minds. My brave ladies, whom I have treated. Its all touched me deeply & weighed on my mind.

I am lucky to be blessed with two beautiful children, and my mum. I have good health, the lump I found last week does not appear sinister. So I shall smile & be grateful for all the blessings I have....

Love Lydia xx


  1. Welcome back hunni, I don't know what i'd do if anything happened to my pooter. I would definately be a sour puss lol!
    Love your mug!
    Hope everything goes according to plan with the kitchen.
    Lovely gifts from Leslie!
    Have a good week
    Beki xxx

  2. I love your blog - there are always beautiful flowers here, they brighten my day! The blue of that hyacinth is incredible. Oh lucky you to get that emma bridgewater mug - no amount of hinting has worked for me! :) Mothers day in canada isn't until may though so i still have some hinting time left.
    Your words about the losses felt on mothers day were very well put. I am sure you are such a blessing to your patients with such a kind and empathetic heart.
    Lottie x

  3. welcome back!
    Love your flowers, and I agree that the smell of hyacinths as you walk into a room is a pretty wonderful one.

    I think the deaths of both Jade and Natasha have bothered everyone so much because of the children involved,and because of the young ages of the women. You are right, children shouldn't have to deal with the death of a parent at such young ages, and it has absolutely broken my heart. Especially with Jade's two. I hope they will be ok, I think they have lots of people around to love and care for them. Doesn't take the place of a mum, but I hope it will help them.
    And talking of Jade, I was never a fan, but I have been so full of admiration at how she dealt with her cancer, faced it full on and made sure her boys would be financially secure. What an amazing thing to do when she must have been suffering so much and wanting nothing more than to rest and sleep.


  4. How lovely to be having a new kitchen I know what you mean about all the up heaval (?) its going to cause and it is probably you that will move everything!
    Love you Doug Hyde pictures I love his work but am not fortunate enough to own any.
    have a great week xxx

  5. I remember when we had our kitchen fitted and a wall being knocked down - it caused no end of stress (mainly because I hate mess of any kind!). Love the flowers, 2 of my favourite.

  6. ooooo i like the EB mug :-)
    lovely pictures and lovely words about Natasha and Jade ....
    your very welcome for the little parcel and let me know if your daughter would like a little flower badge as well :-)
    oooooo so jealous about your new kitchen !!!

  7. I love the mug soo much!! Can you give me a clue as to where I can get one for myself??

    Traumatic days here in smilernpb-land too.

    I hope you have a lovely new, shiney working kitchen without too much upheaval - it'll be worth it in the end.

  8. I just love your blog! It is so interesting I am just glued to my laptop reading everything! I am now a new follower to your blog and can't wait to see what you'll come up with next!


  9. Awww thanks Lydia, you are lovely! I'm fine thanks, not really sure how to follow that last post but OK!

    I love your flowers and breakfast in bed, all gorgeous. You're so lucky getting that mug, it's beautiful :)

    Take care, love me xxx

  10. hi :-) you didnt witter on too long so feel free to witter for longer next time ;-)
    how funny but i would also replace mine with white doors and oak surfaces ! maybe a white shaker style or even cream actually - i do daydream about these things but currently have a massive cleaning job on the floor to do as there is a load of grout on one section that i need to get an acid solution on to clean it off - by that point i think i will be fed up of kitchens and just shut the door!!! the crochet didnt take too long to learn - a few hours with youtube tutorials and im getting better and better the more i do so give it a go !!
    watching the last one of "Mistresses" now :-)
    have a good week!
    lesley x

  11. Lovely blog - beautiful photos. Have just cut some hyacinths from our garden and the smell is filling the whole house - much better than the smell of nappies...

  12. Hi Lydia what a lucky mommy you are and such sweet pressie and flowers, good luck with the kitchen it will be worth it in the end,nice words about Jade and Natasha,and so glad your lump is nothing to worry about best wishes Pat

  13. Looks like you got many nice gifts for Mummy's Day. Is that like Mother's Day in the US? You had me in quite a panic thinking I might have missed it. Whew! It is not until May 10, here.

    The flowers are beautiful, as always. Have a great day! Liz