Monday, 9 March 2009

Sindy Biscuits

Dear All,

Before I start, I'd like to say, in a gushing Winslet way, a big thank you to all of you who have been so kind as to send messages over the past few days. I have felt really touched by the warmth and kindness found here in blog land...


Now let me tell you about my Sindy encounter this weekend.

Book week at Little Miss's school involves the children going in their PJ's and taking a book into school to swap. Any spare go into the library. Like a good mummy I bagged up some of the less frequently (or just never) read (but still very nice) books & sent the smallest one off to school.

And she came back with this....

Rather old & scribbled in.... I wasn't very happy, but Little Miss was thrilled....

Even more so, because it had a baking recipe in it. So Saturday we had a Sindy Session, baking ginger biscuits...

Little hands measured....

Little hands stirred....

And little hands mixed ....

To produce very delicious ginger biscuits....

And I ate Humble Pie.

It wouldn't have been a book I would have chosen, but through the eyes of a 5 year old, Sindy is pink, sparkly & rocks - especially if she bakes biscuits....

Love Lydia xx


  1. Oh what lovly pictures ,is'nt it great to bake with your kids i stil enjoy it, your little one looked like she was having great fun and one up for Sindy have a great week best wishes Pat

  2. Funny how things look through the eyes of a child. Oh to be young again! Hope you enjoyed the biscuits! Have a great day! Liz

  3. The biscuits look great! I have to admit I wouldn't have been too delighted either if mine had come back with a Sindy annual!

    mel xxx

  4. OOh yummy! Kids do have a habbit of that dont they?!
    Can i ask where the pink rolling pin is from?, id love to get ruby one for her birthday this month,that looks perfect!x

  5. They look yummy!! Thanks to Sindy! This is something I am looking forward to doing with my little granddaughter. She's nearly 15 months old, so not just yet!!!

    Have a lovely week, hun : )

    Sharon xx

  6. good old sindy! looks like a lovely baking day. i am a new reader of your blog and enjoyed your post about always having flowers in the house, and congrats on the job, i'm sure you will make a difference, macmillan do such important and valuable work. enjoy the biscuits! Lottie :)

  7. i spend the majority of any shopping time with my daughter steering her away from what she wants to buy and show her the things i would like her to get!! guess who wins? LOL

  8. Sindy rocks!
    Never felt quite the same way about Barbie who apparently was 50 yesterday, lots of botox me thinks!
    However, wouldn't of been too happy about the choice of book myself either but the biscuits do look yummy.
    Have a good week.
    Beki xxx