Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Flowers & The Flowers

I love flowers....

As part of my new years resolution, I decided to always have some in the house, as a treat for 'me'....

Grape Hyacinths greeting me in the hall....

White & Lime Green Chrysanthemum's in the conservatory ....

Lillies in the Dining Room....

Hyacinths waiting to open in the window....

Long Leggy tete a tete in the kitchen window....

White Rununculus on the hearth ....

Decorated with a wire heart ....

And last night, my favourite flower ....
Oh yes, last night I went to see The Killers....

I bounced the night away and a certain Mr Flowers rocked!

Love Lydia xx

(I ache today though....)


  1. i ache today from spending the day trekking round on a school trip!!! no where near how much fun you had!!! as you know i may just be your soulmate with regard to flowers around the house :-) love the rununnyaaaauunnccculllas - can never spell it ;-)

  2. Love all the flowers in the house, they're so uplifting!!
    I am going with my 13 yr ols son, his friend, and his parents to see the Kaiser Chiefs at Wembley on Friday! Good job I dont have to get up early on Saturday!!
    Have a good week : )

    Sharon xx

  3. having glass of wine to recover from school trip and also making my way through the "emergency" bag of mini eggs (whose fault is it that i have mini eggs Lydia, whose?? hhmmm ? ;-)

    also been reading The shoppers revenge book you got as spotted it in asda - tis okay so far but not read much yet !

  4. Ooh can I come to stay please?! I love flowers but my husband thinks they are a total waste of money so we are a greenery free zone :( I just love the grape hyacinths and ranunculus, I tried to grow them last year but they died almost straight away!

    Mel xxx

  5. oh i am jealous your planning a new kitchen i desperately want to change mine but its quite new so cant justify it at moment :-( is your house new/old? is this your first new kitchen? i would love to plan one from scratch ive always had new houses with kitchens already installed or this house which was already nearly renovated with kitchen installed ! now i have to also look for choc orange mini eggs!!! do you want me to be fat ? ;-)
    sending massive good luck vibes for friday hope it goes well x

  6. Ooooh, I have total flower envy. I love flowers and am very fortunate that my lovely OH always makes sure that I have flowers in my vase. These are generaly confined to the lounge though not every room, i'm so jealous.
    That's a lovely bracelet Little Miss has made, I see a future blogger in the making. Jess seems to be losing her crafty side at the moment. She's at an age where she wants to spend all her free time with friends. I'm hoping it's just a phase, i'm missing those shared one on one times with her. I'm not ready for her to grow up yet.
    Take care
    Beki xxx

  7. Hey rock chick, lovely flowers.
    Bertie x

  8. Wow! What beautiful flowers! Do you grow them all in your garden or buy them at a nursery? It is so brown here right now. Your pictures make me dream of Spring. It will be here soon...I hope! Have a great day! Liz

  9. a girl after my own heart. One of my 'rules of the house' is I always have fresh flowers on the windowsill in the living room (apart from at Christmas, when the tree is in the bay window and it wouldn't work having flowers there as well!) I usually have flowers in the kitchen and bedrooms too. Well it's nice isn't it? To walk into a room and see pretty flowers smiling back at you. :O)

    Now, have you managed to 'get in' to my diary yet? Can I do anything to help? You shouldn't have any problems as you have a blogger account, but if I can help in any way just give me a shout :O)

    have a lovely day, enjoy your flowers xx