Monday, 16 March 2009

Drowning in clutter

Its been a busy few days....

The reality of just how much I have lost control of the house over the past few weeks has hit me.

I am desperately trying to gain control again, but drowning in a sea of clutter & laundry. Please tell me other people have this problem - take your foot off the housework pedal & it all goes pear shaped?

I really want to be on top of things again by the time I start the new job. So I have set myself a goal - I aim to try & do one room or large job a week.

The new hall unit is now built & tidied into, the children have a basket each for hats, scarves & mittens....

My plans to finish the 8 year old's bedroom this weekend are slightly behind. It has been a work in progress since before Christmas & just needs that final push to tidy the last of the toys away & find homes for his precious things. I did however get his pale blue wall painted, Goodbye Laura Ashley Chambray & Welcome Craig & Rose Smalt....

In amongst the chaos, I did manage to find some lovely things whilst out doing the shopping.

Mothers Day Chocolate at Salisbury's....

And Eggs, for an Easter project I'd love to do with the Little People....

Housework permitting of course!

Before I leave to go into battle with more tidying, I'd like to say Thank you to Beki, for the lovely card & candle that arrived in the post on Saturday. Thank you for your kind words & how did you know I love the smell of Violets?!

Love Lydia xx


  1. Hi Hunni

    I'm doing the same as you at the moment, wondering how my home has got into such a mess and where has all the washing come from. Just a few days of not being able to do anything and it looks like a bomb has gone off.
    Your eggs are lovely. We've just made a start on a easter tree, i've made a fabric egg which i'm quite pleased with and we've got a few hangy bits on there, I just need to think of a few other things to do and makae sure I find the time to do some stuff with Jess. All attention is on the little man at the moment and I don't want her to feel pushed out.
    I noticed you've not put your name down for my giveaway so i'm going to put you in anyway if that's ok!
    Have a good week.
    Beki xxx

    p.s lucky guess on the violets x

  2. We are sky high in it here, though are going through a reburishment so I guess is par for the course really :)

    Your unit is looking lovely, very stylish and I love the new paint cover

    You shall get there I am sure :)


  3. Goodness my spelling :)

    refurbishment and colour :)


  4. hi lovely lady :-)
    you are getting busy arent you!!! i love that unit in the hall and am so with you on the clutter thing - it takes no time at all to build up and then desperately try and claw back time to sort it!!! i have a million and one things to catch up on from having children off sick so a busy week for me :-)
    lesley x

  5. I can assure you that my house is probably a lot worse than you think yours is and I really want to get on top of it especially if I do get this job. When would I get time to tidy up then?
    I love that hall cupboard, I need something like that, can I ask where did you get it? And those eggs too, I always do an easter egg hunt with the smalls but with two dogs its getting a big of a struggle to hide chocolate around the place without them eating it. LOL
    Oh and I'd say it's because they have so much fun their AND their friends are there. ;)

  6. It's not just you! Perhaps we should have an official blog household amnesty day where we all post up pictures of the worst bits of our houses!!! Would make me feel a lot better anyway ;)

    Your hall is looking great, and your little boy's room too. I saw some very pretty mugs in Sainsburys but I'm not allowed one because I insisted I wanted a vintage cup and saucer!

    Mel xxx

  7. I call my way of housework the 'chocolate cake' way of tackling it. i.e once slice at a time. I do a little bit of laundry each day, because if I don't it soon mounts up and ends up taking the best part of the day to tackle. I do small bits of housework each day, because I have to do it around Little One and her nap time. small chunks. From time to time I sign up with Flylady, , I am currently signed up at the moment to help keep me on the straight and narrow. The first time I signed up it drove me mad. You get A LOT of emails each day, and because of the time difference (Flylady being from the US), I'd get emails in the afternoon telling me to 'get dressed, down to your shoes'! Well, my attitude to Flylady has changed, it's not about getting hassled, it's gentle reminders telling me to do housework in small chunks and not get stressed about it. She has a few really good tips, like keeping the sink shiny at all times. Keep it free of washing up and shiny and neat and it's amazing how it makes the kitchen look organised and helps keep me sane! Such a small thing, but it really does help me. When I feel I'm back on track I unsubscribe, but at times when I feel like I'm drowning and struggling to keep on top of things, I find it helps.

    Love the choccy! And what a lovely pressie from Beki. I'm currently hooked on the fresh cut roses yankee, it's gorgeous.

    Lovely, lovely, lovely to find your comment yesterday! I'm glad you managed to get in for a visit. No post at either diary today, have been busy with Christmas decorations. Which makes me sound like a nutcase, but I find if I get things done nice and early then it helps me no end. I don't have the time to do much in November, ready for December, so I try to get a head start early on in the year.

    I've waffled enough. Time I was off. xxxx

  8. I hate feeling out of control and it's so easy to let things get behind, before you've even realised it! especially with children and everything connected with them, like school run, clubs, homework etc!

  9. I think we all get like this i know i do especially when sewing we can't be in two places at the same time and something has to give so don't beat yourself up you are doing a great job best wishes Pat

  10. I HAVE to get him indoors to take me down to Ikea again this year. I wanted to get up to Denhelm this last weekend but big one spent so long picking her new Babycham's we ran out of time.
    And I would never think you were stalking me ;)