Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Baking with my Boy

It's a charity day at the 8 year old's school - PJ's are to be worn, and cakes / buns / biscuits have been requested.

What better way to bond with my handsome boy, than through a spot of baking with him.

Oh yes, me & him are going to make the best cookies Year 3 have ever seen....

He weighs....

He measures....

He mixes....

I bash the Smartie Mini Eggs....

A final mix....

And Ta -da!....

Chocolate Smartie Mini Egg Cookies for Year 3, by my handsome boy....

(Oh, and that is not my dinosaur apron either!)

Love Lydia xx


  1. i bet it is your dinosaur apron really ;-)
    fab baking - a jamie oliver in the making do we think?!
    lesley x

  2. Ooh they look lovely. Would there be any chance of getting the recipe for those, my little ones would love to make those.

    Love the apron!!

  3. Yummy looking cookies!
    I have visions of you baking wearing the dinosaur apron 'hehe'!
    Jack still not too good, I feel so helpless at the moment. He seemed to be on the mend yesterday but has gone back down hill today.
    I'm sure his little bag will cheer him up though, will look forward to the Postie coming.
    Enjoy your 'Me' day friday.
    Take care
    Beki xxx

  4. I can imagine you'd look quite fetching in a dinosaur apron ;)
    Those cookies look yummy. Why do we never have come to work in your pjs days at work?

  5. Raise the Dr's blood pressure? What kind of pjs do you wear then? LOL x

  6. Really? I was thinking more slinky and short to raise their blood pressure :D

  7. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm they look great! He's a clever boy :)

    Mel xxx

  8. yum. Can I snaffle one with my afternoon cuppa!? ;o) xx

  9. Well they look yummy well done to your little man best wishes Pat

  10. Yummy! Looks like he did an excellent job! Hope it was a fun day. I would enjoy a day in jammies!? Have a good weekend, Liz

  11. Those biscuits look very yummy !!
    You must .. sorry i mean please can you share the recipe !!

    Have a great weekend

    Sara x

  12. Hi Lovely

    Received yor parcel today, thank you so much!
    Jack is very pleased with his bag, I think he's tried putting everything but the kitchen sink in it 'hehe' and if only you knew how much I needed those post it notes lol!

    Have a very happy Mothers day and enjoy whatever you do.

    Love and hugs
    Beki xxx