Friday, 27 March 2009


Friday-my-day started with the emptying of the kitchen cupboards into the conservatory. The new kitchen is to be fitted on Monday. Its been a long job, and I am amazed at what I have managed to amass in the past few years.

There is all my favourite daily white ware, the lime green glass side plates & bowls that put a zing on the table; and my bright primary Whittard/IKEA collection, for when I'm feeling really playful....

On a quieter note, it is 10 years today since a very close friend of mine died. Nicky was the most creative, and also frighteningly intelligent friend I have ever had. Making handmade gifts. Writing letters that would appear in the post unexpectedly. Drawstring bags out of tea towels. Cranberry wired hearts. Swapping books and laughing over the just published Bridget Jone's Diary. So much I could tell you....

She was also the first friend who really 'got me' and understood over my obsession with things, because we were so similar. It was an unconditional friendship based on total understanding of like minded thinking. Although she did torment me over my love of all things blue....

She understood my love of the need for the right pen to scribble with, and we loved our stationary. She would laugh if I lost my pen when on duty, watching me scooting round the beds looking for it....

We had a shared love of William Morris. Art Deco. Shaker. and first bonded over a Mackintosh bangle she always wore.

Nicky introduced me to Lush, when it was just in its early days, treating me to bars of handmade soap & bath bombs....

& to a slightly more expensive love affair with L'Occitane, especially Lavender & Amber cones, (now discontinued).

I have no doubt that had Nicky lived, she would have loved the world of blogging, the sharing of a love of crafts, thoughts and observations. I think she would have been right in the middle of it all, loved by all.

I dearly wish she could have been at my wedding, and seen my children. I wonder what life would have held for her. Yet I know I have been blessed to have a had a friend such as Nicky, and that there are those, especially today who will be missing her even more than me.

Today I wanted to buy peonies to celebrate a life full of warmth & creativity, cut too short, too soon. Unavailable, Irises were the next option - & they make me smile, because they are blue.

Shalom Nicky. Shalom to you all.



  1. Hi Lydia what a sweet tribute,life can be cruel to cut a life short but i bet you are glad to have known her if only for such a short while,i am certain you had just as much impact in her life too.
    Good luck with the kitchen and have a great weekend best wishes Pat

  2. What a heart felt post Lydia, gave me goosebumps and made me think of a dear friend of mine also named Nicky, whose life too was cut short in her prime, 12 years ago aged 24, we had such fun :)

    Your friend Nicky sounds like a true gem, a delight to be near and a very special person indeed, and I bet she is looking down on you with a big smile on her face and is very proud of you and your special family :)




  3. I am glad that you had that friendship with Nicky, you have experienced more than some can ever hope to. I'm sorry she is still not here to share your everyday but I know that she would be so proud of you. (((hugs)))

  4. A beautiful tribute, thanks for sharing x

  5. Oh Lydia, what a moving post. You have bought tears to my eyes and sent shivers down my spine.
    You are truly blessed to have experienced that kind of friendship and i'm sure she's looking down on you and still sharing your life and experiences with you, including those of your wedding day and the birth of your children.
    Have a good weekend hunni
    Love, hugs and friendship being sent your way.
    Beki xxx

  6. what lovely words about a very special person to you :-)
    true friendships are hard to come by so take comfort in the fact that she was in your life and knows how much she meant to you.

    enjoy your weekend and well done on the kitchen sorting - i dread to think what i would find at the back of some of my cupboards!
    lesley x

  7. Oh Lydia, sending you a big HUG, what an amazing tribute to Nicky. She must have been such a great person for you to think of her so much and remember her so well ten years on, you must miss her very much.

    When I feel sad because I'm missing my Dad I remind myself that for every tear there is a wonderful memory of the happiness we shared when he was here (though of course all of us would have our loved ones back in a second if we could).

    Hope you are being kind to yourself this weekend, hugs, Mel xxx

  8. beautiful tribute for Nicky Lydia. You have made my eyes sting with tears.


  9. I've just come across your blog - it's lovely, and wanted to comment on how great it sounds like your friend Nicky was xx