Friday, 13 February 2009

Friday-my-day & The Card....

Friday-my-day has turned into Friday-my-day-to-have-a-cold....

Oh yes, I'm sniffing, sneezing & squeaking with my sore throat & runny nose.

So I've had a quiet day pottering around the house, doing the laundry etc.

Quiet, until I realise that I haven't got G a card for that very important day tomorrow. I look shocking & really don't feel up to going into town, to one of the fabby card shops, and I bought a really cheesy one last year (in a wry attempt at humour - we tried to outdo each other with the most disgustingly tasteless cards last year)

So I had a mad dash to make one....

Take some garden wire (which just happened to be in the laundry room), and make a circle....

Squeeze, pull & shape into a heart - leaving the two ends free for attaching to the card. (Tea bag squeezers are not a necessity - but I didn't have any pliers....)

Look frantically round the house for bit & bobs to trim, and raid Little Lady's card stash (and hair ribbons....)

Sort of group together

Stick to main card, and decorate with a bow - the raffia won....

Scribble on a meaningful message

Ta -da!

Hope you all have a Lovely Day tomorrow

Love Lydia xx


  1. Hi Lydia

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment :) I had another good day at work today and knowing that I'm now not in until the 28th is making me feel quite sad!!! But at the same time it is lovely to come home to the little ones.

    I love your blog, it's really nice to be in early on a good one, and yours certainly is! The red heart on the jar looks fab. I must get on with making something else (but what?!) for the giveaway I'm meant to be drawing tonight! You're welcome to enter if you like, you still have time :)

    mel xxx

  2. hello !! your ever so good at this crafty stuff arent you? :-) very impressive stuff i wish i could just do something like that when i needed to! if i started out with garden wire etc it would probably resemble some barbed wire atrocity rather than a fab heart card like yours !! i ended up on a mad dash to the local shop earlier instead LOL

  3. Oh you are very clever my mind goes blank when it comes to being creative like that afraid i'll have to buy one ,oh by the way i love your cheesy feet. Your biscuits not a fetish LOL.
    Have a great weekend best wishes Pat

  4. Love the card, very creative.
    I had to make a mad dash to the card shop and couldn't believe how tacky they all were. Actually that's a lie, I did find a lovely one but there was no way I was going to spend £7 on a card. Tack it was then lol, wishing i'd made one now, not with garden wire though, I dread to think what it would of looked like.
    Have a good weekend
    Beki xxx