Wednesday, 4 February 2009

A Sinking Feeling

Tonight I am tired & weary.

Its been a full on couple of days, what with G being away, new things happening at work; and not forgetting my nemesis, the snow.

I was late getting to the morning meeting (8am, who thought of that?) & late getting my eldest from school (10mins - or was it hours?, if you listened to him expressing his disgust....)

I have also done the hairdressers with the little people - tea in 30 minutes, so as to be at Rainbows for 5.30 - Bath & Bed for 7.45 - Sainsburys delivery @ 8.15

Finally its me time

I am going to sit on my sofa & admire my tete-a-tete & gather my thoughts

Can you spy the bright pink blob in the background?

Its one half of my pair of Doug Hyde Pictures, from his 'Smile' collection. Yes they do make me smile, for their simplicity & colour, and because of the memories attached to them.

They were bought with money left to me by my Nana, who sadly died before my little lady arrived & remind me of my pair of little people

They sit above my settee (mine, as G gets the chair...) The blue one is titled 'Boys will be Boys' and the pink/red ' Pretty in Pink' (which is also the title of one of my favourite ever films....)

And look at my cushions - I could post a whole Blog on my love of cushions (not shared by my husband)

I have set my favourite candle ever - burning.

And intend to drink several more cups of tea... Whilst trying to master this....

Hell Fire! I never thought anything would be so difficult to get. It's now a source of amusement at work, as I cross examine my patients as to whether they can crochet.... -& yes its getting to the stage where I might just have to take it to work for a teaching session!

I wonder, in amongst this bit, if I have actually managed to do any proper crochet? or are they just 'Lydia' stitches???

Love from Lydia xx