Tuesday, 24 February 2009

My name is Lydia & I cheat with my pancakes....

Arrive home from work - late - having been reminded by a patient that its pancake day today.

Cue temporary mini melt down from me - resolved by trip to the village Co-Op.

Pancake Day Ingredients.....

A very important pancake ingredient....

Just add milk and shake....

& shake some more....





Hope you all had a lovely pancake day....

(I'm off to hang my head in shame)

Love Lydia


  1. I shouldn't worry too much, mine were ones you heat up in the microwave!!! We enjoyed them with our lemon & sugar!!!

    Sharon xx

  2. i bought ready done ones that you blast for 30 seconds AND the ones you have LOL then we did pancake cafe at school so they had them there as well!
    sometimes i buy ready grated cheese - oh the shame ;-)
    Lesley x

  3. :o) I bought that mix last year, but never used it. I ended up giving it to my mum to use!

    Well, we had Shrove Sunday. The Little One kept going on about them on Sunday (wretched Fifi and her pancake day book!), so I decided to do it Sunday instead. Just as well, as the husband was home late on Tuesday, and I did not fancy starting making them late in the evening!

    :O) xx

  4. p.s before I forget. I tried to leave a comment yesterday, on your previous post, but Blogger/google were playing up and they would not generate a code word! :O(


  5. Okay, you will have to brief me on this. I have never heard of pancake day!? I am sure I would like it though. I do love pancakes. What is this all about? Your cakes looked yummy. I bet they didn't last long. Have a great day! Liz

  6. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog, i hadnet been to yur before so i shall now follow you! Glad you enjoyed your pancakes too, i dont think it matters how you make them, i just like to carry the tradition on, i used to make them with my dad as mum couldnt stand the mess so i wanted my girls to do the same.
    I have no idea what edition the recipe book is-how do i find out?...
    Just need to get to another bead shop(without small children in tow)for a few extra supplies so i can start on the latest creation but will share soon! xx

  7. Last year I brought frozen ones but this year I used a recipe that I found in the Asda magazine....very tasty and easy to make, although maybe not quite as simple as yours! Still, as long as they tasted yummy, that is all that matters.