Sunday, 1 February 2009

Its been an odd weekend

G went abroad on Friday and doesn't return until next Saturday - cue very nice peace offering-

I love Lilly's - the tall white ones with a splash of green - they look stunning against the dark grey dinning room wall.

Little man went off to cubs Friday night, and then to G & G's for some special bonding with his Grandpa (probably a special conversation re his cub uniform ensued...)

Saturday Little miss said she didn't feel well. Alarm bells rang, because she's not one for complaining. What a nightmare it is, trying to get an appointment with a GP at the weekend. Anyway, it turns out she has a throat & kidney infection & has been duly commenced on antibiotics. This all took up most of Saturday.

I did however get time to snap a picture of the tete 'a'tete that have shot up & burst into colour.

What a happy sight, sunshine included.

Sunday has been a day of catching up on the domestic chores - and by tea time I was starting to feel deflated - the bedrooms are still not tidy & I am sure the window cleaner must think we have been burgled when he sees the spare bedroom.

However on reflection, I have achieved quite a lot - I broke the back of the huuuge pile of ironing (devils work), we will all be snuggling down into fresh clean beds in clean PJ's tonight.

And Humphrey also had a good fettle -and a new tissue box to nest in & toilet roll to shred - she is easily pleased (and photogenic too!)

I hope you don't mind, I left out my bed. I'm playing hard to get, as its only my 3rd Blog!

I also baked cheesy feet - although someone (you know who you are G - shame on you!) had a nibble on the extra strong Cheddar, so they look orange, because I had to use Cheshire instead. I also tried Lucy's (from Attic 24) 8 bun mix - left un -iced as they are for the packed lunches this week (however we've already eaten 4 - so I'll have to make some more)

Would you like to see a picture of the lunch boxes? - I like them, they make me smile, as I love Emma Bridgewater designs sooo much. They are a bit battered, but are standing up to the ravishes of the playground well (the small one is mine).

Oh well, not too bad, as long as the window cleaner doesn't come tomorrow....

Love form Lydia xxx


  1. I love flowers fullstop. The only time I refuse to buy any/have them bought for me is on Valentine's Day. I hate how the prices just go up and up. I am never without flowers around the house, so I think it's right and proper that I say no to Valentine rip offs. :O) Instead this year I have some books, and some more flower fairy lights on their way. Hurrah!
    Your lilies and daffs are beautiful.

    Did you have snow today? The Girl and I went outside and had a lovely time this morning. It's snowed almost non stop all day. :O)

    Time I was off. I'd love to help myself to a cheesy foot before I go! ;O)

    Sadie C

  2. What lovely flowers! We all need a little bit ( or a lot!)of spring & sunshine : )
    It took me twice as long to get home tonight, an hour instead of 30 mins!!! I started making a spag bol, then realised I hadnt got any sauce!. That meant a walk to the village co-op. I feel tired & hungry & want my dinner!!! ; (
    Anyway, sorry about the moan! The purple hat was my daughter's, and made of recycled velour curtains. My daughter doesnt like it now, but I do!! My 13 year old thinks it's embarrassing!! That's pretty typical of a 13 yr old boy though!!!

    Sharon xx

  3. Cheesy feet look scrummy & I do have ny day off tomorrow, so things aren't all bad!

    Sharon xx

  4. Sharon - I sometimes think there is an unknown conspiracy that gets you when your tired... Hope the spag bol was worth hte walk & have a lovely day off tomorrow (my calender calls it 'teriffic tuesday!')