Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Snow & snow school...

Today a record number of schools in Derbyshire were closed - so the nice man on the local radio announced....Oh Joy

Finally at 8.25 it was announced on the record list of school closures being read on the radio, that the Infants were shut. And a lean out of the bedroom window conversation with a neighbour told me that so was the Junior school.

The children were beside themselves with excitement - I was beside myself for other reasons. The slope & curve that needs negotiating to get of the close looked like it could be used for dancing on ice training sessions & I was supposed to be at work.

I love my mother-in-law. She caught her bus, then a taxi (because the buses were stuck) and came to my rescue. I was late to work - but better late than never (although the day off might have been nice....)

As for the small people, out came the beach buckets & spades....

Why don't you did away from the already cleared once drive?

Yes that's better....

Teamwork makes the dream work - (very cheesy, very effective, often used saying in our house).

Yes I know you love snow.....& now mummy must scoot off to work.... please be good for Grandma....

I came home to happily tired, pink faced children - who had been good for Grandma.

I'm now fed & watered, and about to catch up on a few very late thankyou's.

I'm going for the line of thinking, that it's the thought that counts - and anyway, I'm sure these lovely cards will make of for their lateyness?!

Love from Lydia xx


  1. Hi hope you dont mind me stopping by l love your blog you are a very talented lady l will visit again soon .
    Best wishes Pat

  2. our snow had almost gone completely by Monday night :O( It's just sunny but icy cold here now, with a few dribs and drabs of snow in places hidden from the sun.

    It was nice while it lasted!

    Sadie x